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Jun 24, 2008
Anyone else get the letter about NN Flannel? I bought in item back in October 07 and had this today:

"it has come to our attention through customer feedback and our ratings and review service on that there may be a quality issue with some styles within our NN flannel range......some batches of product with excessive bobbling or pilling during the product's initial period of use.......we would like to offer you a replacement or an item of similar style and value....should these options not be suitable we will provide you with a full refund including postage.....we will need to receive and inspect your item before processing a replacement or refund....we would like to assure you that we have worked with our supplier to address this issue and that moving forward our quality standards are being maintained through all our NN products and range"

Sue Rosco
Customer Focus Manager
I posted this last week sometime,i have returned mine and recieved a completely different set back,well done qvc for pointing out that there is a problem with the flannel,how many other shopping channels would of done that,none
QVC customer services recently helped me with a quality control issue. I cannot praise them enough for their interest, their efficiency and the professional manner with which it was all dealt with. They referred my concern to Senior Management who took a personal interest in dealing with the matter which was all resolved to my complete satisfaction.

Thanks to this forum which draws QVCs attention to so much - good and bad and well done QVC! I really think they easily qualify for the title of the listening channel. :)
Which set are they on about ? I have 3 in flannel, 2 being the trellis in both pink and blue. The pink bobbled but the blue on is fine. :eek:
I agree Sammi:D I have two sets that have pilled very badly (blue and pink snow everywhere) will I get this letter automatically or do I have to complain?

the letter does say "some of our styles" so maybe theyve only contacted people who bought those?

letter says to ring customer services 0800 514131 to discuss further so i'd do that rentochops!

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