QVC colour/production.... is it just me?


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Jun 24, 2008
Switch to ITV, or BBC or SKY1 and watch for a minute.

now switch to QVC

is it just me or is the colour on QVC almost "muted"? it looks incredibly drab when you switch over from one of the other channels.
hello, just turned over to QVC from BBC 1, and then back again - you can relax, it isnt you, i think their camera lens needs a dusting, or a polish; its coming over very dull and not too clear. :hi:
thank the lord, it's not just me then! I've been flipping backwards and forward for a couple of weeks thinking it was looking kinda blurry.
and it's about time they sorted the bit for scrolling texts-it's been rubbish for too long!
They forgot to take the 40 denier stocking off the lens that they use when Tova and Liz Earle are on screen!! :giggle:
its not so much that its fuzzy, its the colour that seems off. like on a colour photo from the 70's, the colours always look a bit muted and dreary. thats what QVC looks like!:movie:
And don't the bear started on what it sounds like. At times all that's missing is David Attenborough to distinguish between the noises of the howler monkeys and various squawking birds.
I know that my (old) TV makes everything look more cool toned than it really is. Lipsticks that looked pink onscreen turn up and they're peach!

I'll do the Flip back and forth challenge later and report back with my findings!
I have noticed that the signal strength on QVC is often much lower than on other channels, perhaps that effects the quality of the picture. I am sure some of you techies out there will be able to tell us otherwise though.

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