Drives me potty


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Just watched a Ninja presentation and at one stage poor Catherine was just standing looking at the camera whilst the mouthy BA, can’t remember her name, went on and on. She didn’t take a breath apart from saying Literally every so often. She always does this though.
That must be Gail, the chef. She certainly is full of herself.
On Tipping Point recently was this question:

In his epic poems, Homer often refers to nectar as the drink of the gods and which other substance as their food?

Both contestants answered “doughnuts “ as a reference to Homer Simpson.

The answer being ambrosia, Ben couldn’t contain his amusement.

I think the key is to listen to the question.
Bit of useless information.

My Dad invented the concept of Tipping Point. In the early 60s he worked as Works Manager for a company making arcade slot machines. The owner and Dad would sit down and come up with new ideas for machines. One of the sessions Dad came up with was The Pusher, and he created the prototype with balsa wood in our front room - Mum was incandescent! Fast forward and the arcade machine was created and sited in arcades world wide. Eventually a TV production company took the idea and you get Tipping Point. Nope we are not millionaires, Dad didn't even get a bonus, just an employee with a good idea, the owner patented the conceot and did in fact make mega bucks.

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