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Sep 27, 2009

I've got two small children so getting to the shops is really tough for me, and actually trying on clothes is impossible. I've bought from catalogues in the past, but I've never bought from QVC. I'm desperate for a decent winter coat, and I'm wondering if the Dennis Basso stuff is any good?

I'm not interested in Quacker Factory (who buys that stuff? who can stand to watch the shows?) or Indigo Moon (ditto), but I'm curious about some of the other ranges. I'm 36 so I don't think Nina Leonard, Michele Hope or Kim & Co are for me, but what about the other ranges, say Casual & Co?

I mean literally, who buys QVC clothes, what is the quality like and how are their sizes (I'm a generous 14-16, depending on where I buy from on the High St, probably about an 18 if it's M&S!!)? I am curious about some Kim & Co stuff, but the material looks deeply unforgiving, and I'm not wasting P&P just to see IRL.

So many questions, but I'm desperate for clothes and can't stand buying out of Sainsbury's any more!

Thanks in advance for any advice.
i've bought a couple of Beth Terrell suede coats that i've been very pleased with but no experience of the other brands you mention. :) Most peeps on here won't touch Basso with a bargepole cos he's a furrier !!!
I personally don't like the clothes on QVC and I don't think you will get many on here liking Dennis Basso.

Although the coats on QVC of his are fake fur he makes most of his money from real fur coats etc.

If you do a search of Dennis Basso on here I'll think you;ll find some horrible stuff about what he does!!

How about Next online? You have to pay £3.95 for delivery but can send stuff back free (I think)!
Jings, didn't realise that about Dennis Basso. I won't be buying his stuff, thanks for the heads-up.

JCR, I'm never very sure about Next sizing for me. Quite often their tops seem rather snug on me, and I'm forced to buy size 18, which my pride won't let me do unless I'm actually pregnant or breastfeeding!!

I have bought some Kim & Co but tend to go for the camisoles, mock neck tops so that I can layer them. In that respect they are handy to have. The slinky is quite a cold fabric and it shows lumps and bumps, so I buy XL . I am a size 16.
I would never have a wardrobe full of the stuff. I have a couple of pairs of the trousers but only ever wear them indoors where they are like comfy pyjamas.

I have a Dennis Basso mac which I bought prior to knowing his background. I bought a large. It is very nice and lightweight but you can get as good on the high street and cheaper in my opinion.

I have a couple of Indigo Moon T shirts but the emroidery bits are scratchy on the inside and itch your skin, so never again.

I bought a Beth Terrell jumper and it was huge baggy and awaful so that was returned.

Personally I wouldn't rely on QVC for your clothes. I have stuff sent from M&S to my home which tends to work out okay for me, they have reviews on their site too and you earn points for your store card, which adds up to freebies.
I bought a Centigrade Winter coat and I'm very pleased with it. I'm 5'6'' and it's just lower calf on me - it was almost on the floor on one of the presenter (I don't remember who), and obviously a lot shorter on the 6' models.
A lot of their stuff is machine washable, and it does wash nicely.
Hiya hon,

Apologies in advance for the essay but the following is a full rundown of my ahem... "Fashion" history with QVC. (or as much as I remember anyway. It's possible that I have blocked out some of the horrors!) :grin:

I've ordered about 50 items of clothing from QVC and kept only a handful of them.

I've never returned any item of clothing because I didn't like it. It was always because it was made out of the most horrible unwearable bri nylon type fabric or because it was poorly constructed, or bits were hanging off it etc. Once or twice it has been sizing issues. A size large top that my eight year old couldn't get on, and two Casual and Co tops in consecutive sizes where the larger size was almost exactly same as the smaller one when laid over the top of it.

Until I came here 3 months ago I didn't know to ask for a refund on both sets of postage and I'd been paying to return items myself.

Hubby estimates that I have spent about £350 in postage alone just trying things on from QVC - and as I mentioned I have only kept a handful of them.

Kim and Co wide leg trousers are handy for for Yoga and housework. Of the four pairs I have ordered over the years two had to be sent back immediately because of split seams. I also have a couple of camisoles / sleeveless tops that I use as an extra layer in the cold weather because they have no bulk to them. (No problems with these.)

I have ordered at least a dozen tops from Casual and Co and sent every single blummen one back. Either the fabric was really thin, or my boobs wouldn't fit in it, or the sizing was crazy, the stitching was unravelling or something else was missing or faulty or hanging off. :mad:

The one pair of trousers I ordered from George Simonton were made from the kind of fabric that crackles when you walk and you worry that if your thighs rub together you'll burst into flame. I haven't seen fabric like it since 1974! It also showed every detail of the lace on my knickers through it. Horrid! :eek:

I have one Centigrade coat which is full length, faux suede, fur lined gorgousness but the two others that I ordered subsequently were dreadful. They were poorly contructed from nasty fabric and have put me off the brand for good.

I ordered some Markon boots. The first pair were fab for wearing with big thick socks in because they have quite a high toe box, but the second pair in the same design different colour were faulty and wouldn't stand up. The last they were made on was bent upwards like clown shoes or genie shoes so you couldn't put all your foot flat on the floor. (so that was it for Markon!)

Slim and Lift Ugh! Never again - and I happily wear shape wear all the time.

Carole Hochman I've had one pair of pajamas and the bottoms fit but the top was huuuuge on me. I kept them though cos they were in the £10 sale and gave the top to my friend.

YBF My all time favourite trousers of all time ever :D are brown velvet / velour ones from YBF. I know that makes me sound like a Dralon sofa from the 70s but they are just so well cut for my (pear) shape that I'm even thinking of having them copied by a tailor. I also have a YBF leopard print tunic which I love, but the jacket, two other pairs of trousers and three tops that I ordered from YBF were all either a nasty fabric or has a construction fault.

Nina Leonard I ordered a knitted wrap over top but it was over stretched and shapeless when it arrived as well as being the sort of artificial fibre that sets my teeth on edge so that went straight back. I also had a tie waist top that they always show as a drop waist low slung on the hips on the model but you can only do that IRL if your hips are the same size as your waist or smaller - or you get one three sizes too big.

Modern Soul I have a brown tweed cardigan and a black and grey cardi / jacket from Modern Soul and they're both fab. Sizing is pretty generous though (but that's fine so long as you know that)

I am quite fancying a couple of tops from Kim Parrish but my previous success rate of maybe 11 successes out of 50+ orders puts me off bothering. If I don't like them both it will still cost me about £15 in postage to find that out.

These days I prefer to order from online shops and catalogues such as Next, La Redoute, Fashion World and Marks and Spencers. I can order as much as I like for about £3 postage and about half the time there's a free postage promotion on or a discount code on anyway.
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I have bought a few items of clothes over the years and have never been blown away with any of them.
I really believe the qvc buyers need a big shake up. The main points they need to consider is that their clothes are vastly overpriced and we don't want to wear clothes that make us look 30 years older than we are.:down:
Hi there CountessK

I had one great Centigrade coat which lasted two winters of hard use for work so then ordered a different one recently, it was so poorly made that I was shocked and it has really put me off the brand although I am a bit tempted by a fake suede one that has had very good reviews on the webstite.

Markon boots and shoes used to very good, lovely and comfy but the quallity has declined and the prices have gone up. Also I think they are being phased out.

I have had some nice bits from Casual and Co, I am a size 14 and find they fit me well and flatter me also they are generally made from cotton which I like.

Indigo Moon, not really my taste, tho i have one top and all the bits are dropping off. Bought one of their much plainer jackets just one colour and a restrained trim, it's very well made and I thought it was good value.

As for the rest, I think it's very expensive, old fashioned and at times frankly odd and bizzare stuff. What puts me off is the not knowing whether you are going to get something well made and flattering or some nasty piece of overpriced tat.

I find the M and S website good, especially at sale time and have had some bargains off there, have a browse on Amazon too when you get the time, I got a fab coat off there, really stylish and different. Good luck
I haven't had great luck with QVC clothes, though I have had a couple of really good buys. Just happens I received a Centigrade coat today that was 1/2 price and on easy pay in the birthday sale. Fab colour - teal/peacock. Great fit. Just incredibly creased. Anyone know if I have it drycleaned will creases/wrinkles come out?
i got last week a centrigrade black/white coat from last clicks for only £18. It was my first centrigrade item, and it looks great with no creases at all.
Sizing is quite small, as I am sz12 and usually buy 14 for winter coats. I went for sz large which fits perfect, but this was the largest size they offered
I have had some clothing in the past and been quite happy with it.Now I tend to find the sizing is inconsistent and the quality/material not great - but with a great price! I tend to find their love of all polyester and animal print amazing - it shows no signs of slowing down either - and its just not for me.

Personally I think they need a huge shake up in the fashion department.I think they're very out of touch with what women want.

I'm also amazed how many of their "best lines" ie kim and co,indigo moon etc are in clearance.........
Thanks so much for all your great replies. I think I'll hold off on buying any clothes from QVC, as the majority of the reviews here haven't been so positive, and have reinforced what I've suspected - the clothes are too old, too expensive and not very good quality.


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