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Jun 24, 2008
Chilling in Cheshire

Received yet another delivery this morning and in it I have a black pearl necklace but they are not black, they are shades of grey - actually really pretty! :smile

When I saw the necklace on screen, it looked black (the confirmation email photo made them look grey but some of their pics are a bit carp, sorry guys but they are, so I didn't take much notice)

So for you jewellery experts out there (I'm still a complete novice) - are black pearls, always grey - or would you expect a necklace described as black pearls to be black?

It's this one ...

I like that necklace!

I've got some green pearls from Rocks which are more black than your black pearlslol
(well they are black with a greeny nacre which is why they are described as green not black)

Pearls seem to be notoriously hard to photograph and describe.
I dont own any black pearls but i do know that they vary in colour from dark grey to almost silver grey and they are all classed as black so i think if you like them keep them but if you bought them thinking they would be much darker send them back you could always enquire if they have anymore in a shade darker than yours i dont think you ever get really black ones though if thats any help
Almost every pearl I have had that was described as black was in a shade of grey/peacock/blue... Really pretty in fact. But I did once have a QVC Honora ring delivered and it was proper black pearls - and they were horrible. It went straight back!!!

Thanks ladies! :biggrin

It is a lovely necklace, very pretty, shades of grey/silvers and pale blue tones as well and I shall be keeping it - though originally bought it to go with a black (and it is black!) bracelet I already own.

See, I've learnt something today! :lol
Sara I have this necklace and agree its more on a greyish colour with blues and purples. I have a black pearl necklace from gems apart from that most black pearls are grey or dark purple!!
I have this one too Sara and like you say it's lighter than I expected - but I'm still happy with it, so it's yet another keeper (as have all the others been lol)

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