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Jun 24, 2008
OK I'm cheating but I cannot for the life of me get my camera to take decent pics!! If I try to picture items on me - say my right hand - then I can't hold the camera and press the button!! If I try to take pics of them in their boxes they look rubbish! Now don't blame me it must be the camera!!!

Anyway - here goes:-
3 carats Octagon Cut Citrine and 5.9 grams of Silver
4.5 carat cushion cut Pink Topaz in Silver
1 carat Mozambique Garnets in Silver
Multi Gem and Pearl Ring
White Gold and Diamond Ring
7.60 Carat Octagon Cut Amethyst Silver Ring
Russet Pearl Silver Ring
2.75 Carat Trilliant Cut Green Quartz and Diamond White Gold Ring
12.15 Carats Mozambique Garnet Silver Scribbler Ring
4.30 Carat Cushion Cut Mystic Topaz Silver Ring
Rose Gold Garnet Ring
12.70 Carats Chinese Peridot Silver Ring
Mozambique Garnet Silver Necklace
Flower Cut Amethyst Pendant
Amethyst Silver Necklace
Multi Colour Pearl Necklace
Black Onyx and Silver Necklace
Blue Topaz Silver Necklace
Citrine Silver Necklace
15 Carat Mozambique Garnet Pendant
67 Carats Multi Gem Silver Necklace 46.5 grams Silver
Mixed Pearl Silver Necklace
92 Carat Smokey Quartz SIlver Necklace

That's the lot folks! Now you know why I have been keeping a low profile the last few nights - I'm addicted so need to stay far away from temptation!
****** hell klos, it would have been quicker to list the things you haven't bought!!!
And how come you've got some pearls I don't have??? Not fair...
Gorgeous stuff hun, and I bet it was all at bargain prices too.
The pink topaz is on my wish list...
And I love the diamond ring, very nice design. And obviously the pearls. And all those huge rings. And the giant garnet pendant (was tempted by that too!). And...
Well done, hope you get years of pleasure from them.
Wow Klos, lots of goodies there...and a few i have too!! Too many to choose a fave but i think the Mystic Topaz is up there...I received one today and i'm bowled over by it! Enjoy wearing your pieces Twinny! :D
OH MY Klos wat a haul lol!!!!i think i will come to you if i cant get my bling from rocks lol!!!!! lovely lovely things well done you :D:D I have the amthyst pendant and im still looking at getting a scribbler ring
Very nice Klosblue :drool:

We've got a couple of doublers - I love the design of the cushion cut solitaires and the flower cut stones too :jump:

I know what you mean about taking photos - I'm rubbish at it too - I end up putting the jewellery on my left hand, holding camera in my right and taking the photo from a distance so I get it in focus. Then I crop it on photobucket to take out all the background stuff :lol:
Who's been a busy girl eh!!!;)

Some fab pieces.....great pearl necklaces which I didn't get chance to nab...grrr....only kidding.......what a collection you have,enjoy them all!:)
Blimey Klos, what a haul!!!!! Some beautiful pieces, the russet pearl ring being the best of course ;)

Hope the bank manager is not after you now!!! :laughing:
:)well done Klos all beauties i dont usually go for silver or white gold but i love the green one and the solitair russet pearl now you need to save up for a vault to keep it all in
Wow! Wow! Wow! I love them all, what fantastic pieces, the green quartz looks amazing, as do all of them to be honest, I look forward to getting more items when my cc and OH allow!:D:D:D
Thanks for all your lovely comments. I'm actually quite embarassed when I see the amount I've bought but believe me I got some fantastic bargains! That's me on the wagon for a while now though - well until payday anyway :):p
Blimey Klos think you need a round of applause for that lovely haul!

Are you keeping them all?
Crumbs, Klos - You bought their entire inventory, or what? I'm surprised they're still in business!
Wow Klos- what a lot of beauties. Hope you get years of pleasure wearing them. :)
OMGoodness Klos hun what a fab haul you have :)

I must admit I am hard pressed to pick a fav but the garnet ones are just so lovely.

you lucky lucky thing you.:)

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