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Jun 24, 2008
Chilling in Cheshire

Am I the first today? :lol

I'm about to go out - so am not going to get the camera out now (and my pics are generally carp anyway!) - so will just use the Rocks links for now ....

.... bit of a mixed bag really - couple I adore, some I'm disappointed with (on size!) and some to think about!

Already have this in blue topaz. The amethyst are a lovely, good colour and definitely a keeper!

I didn't realise they did these in two sizes (doh!) and this is the smaller one - it was intended as a pressie for a January birthday girl but it's really tiny, so I think it will have to go back and I'll try to get the larger one.

Again this is really tiny - I didn't expect it to be large but somehow a bit bigger than it is! Pretty though.

With my extremely limited jewellery knowledge (which is none btw!) I thought peridots were meant to be a clear stone - this seems to have a slight cloudiness round the bottom edge - thought it may be a little dirty, for some reason, but it isn't.

Fabulous - hope to get some more money clips!

The picture of this absolutely beautiful pearl necklace doesn't even go a fraction to showing how really beautiful it is - love it!

This was a bit of a "punt" - the last one, in the auction, was just begging to be bought and it's lovely - I've tried it on over a plain black polo neck and it looks fab, gorgeous diamond cut chain sparkles beautifully.

A little undecided on the amber necklace - I bought it because I was thinking of my holidays past and knew it was an absolute bargain for the amount of amber but I just don't know!

I know a few of you have this and I thought I'd just give it a go - don't know what size it is, definitely NOT an N (it's smaller), but it seems to fit - I just have to do a violent shaking of the hand test a bit later to see if it really is secure!

I already have this stunning marcasite bracelet and thought if ever I saw it again, at a good price, I'd buy one for my sister-in-law, as she adores it and has borrowed it a couple of times - it came up at £29 (I paid more for mine) - so had to have it. It is actually much lighter silver than in the picture - beautifully sparkly.

How I adore marcasite - this is actually my most expensive piece of marcasite to date but I splurged anyway so I could get a look at it in the flesh - stunning. (I know Anne bought this as well - so her pics should show you it, in it's fully glory!)

I also have another 6 items in my basket at the moment - arrgghhhh - two magnificent bargains (another marcasite necklace and a white gold, opal ring) .....
What a great delivery Sara. I love your marcasite necklace and bracelet. I haven't bought any yet; I'm almost afraid to, because I may end up with an addiction to it!

I'd definitely send the Peridot pendant back if it's cloudy. All the Peridots I've bought have been really clear.

Love the pearls and also the amber necklace (even though I don't normally wear this colour).

I think the money clips are fab value. I bought the blue topaz one for my hubby. However, he loves his own money clip more because it has little gadgets built into it, and doesn't think he'll use it as a bookmark or have any use for it thank you all the same. Men - what are they like! :lolwave:
Oh sara what lovely things.

Definitely Peridot is supposed to be clear so send that back, its very pretty though, gorgeous colour.

I already LOVE that multi gem ring.

Gorgeous marcasite items as usual, what a nice sister in law you are.

I have 2 money clips for pressies, love the colour of yours though.

Its a shame the 'small' items are small as they are lovely. Gorgeous pearls as usual for Rocks.

You did well missus :D:

Just noticed (cos I was hurrying before to take my daughter to Chinese Nursery) that I posted the same pic twice above ...

... this one goes with this description ....

This was a bit of a "punt" - the last one, in the auction, was just begging to be bought and it's lovely - I've tried it on over a plain black polo neck and it looks fab, gorgeous diamond cut chain sparkles beautifully.
It's really long (a lariat??! I'm trying to be clever now!) so great to wear over a nice plain jumper.
Lovely items Sara. :)

We bought that peridot pendant as a present for someone and it is lovely and clear so if I was you I would ask for a replacement.
What lovely things Sara, love it!
I'm very glad to hear that the big marcasite necklace is stunning - it was unfortunately a victim of my inability to combine orders this weekend, so it's staying at Rocks for another week!!!
I really want that marcasite bracelet too, I never seem to catch it at a decent price though. Can I be your sister in law please??? lol
I have the matching bracelet to the pearl necklace coming this week, glad to hear the pearls are nice - and I love my lariat necklace too, it's amazing how twinkly the chain is.

I was tempted by the tiny amethyst/garnet/rhodolite pendant, but I now keep a measuring tape in my pocket while watching Rocks so I don't buy things that are too small, and it seemed ridiculously tiny to me!!

Enjoy hun!
Lovely haul Sara! I got caught out with the size of those circle pendants too.
But all in all you did really well!
Who's been a very busy girl then?!

Lovely choices there, Sara. I was particularly glad to read your description of the pearls as I am waiting for that item too...if I can ever get checked out! (I think you bought them when I did? Jamie was the auctioneer that day)

I have the amber necklace and wasn't sure at first but decided to keep it in the end. One of my daughters loves the colour so it has been stashed away as an extra Christmas present for her.
Lovely stuff Sara, especially the marcasite. The marcasite pieces would appear to be the hit of the year and I've a dreadful compulsion to collect them all!

I think the amber necklace is a 'young' piece, IYKWIM, and I can imagine my daughters (12 and 18) wearing it.

Also got caught out with the small garnet necklace but I'll wear it on days when my earrings and rings are huge as it's a pretty piece.

Hope the next basket is as pretty Sara!
lovely to see all your goodies. great haul. i have the garnet and amythyst square cut pendant for my daughter for xmas.
Can I just ask what does IYKWIM mean? been racking my brains but cant figure it out lol
lovely to see all your goodies. great haul. i have the garnet and amythyst square cut pendant for my daughter for xmas.
Can I just ask what does IYKWIM mean? been racking my brains but cant figure it out lol

It means 'If you know what I mean'!

HTH (or hope this helps!! :))
They are all gorgeous Anne, i got the bracelet today that matches that blue pearl necklace its very pretty, a definite keeper.
Lovely haul there Sara, you've been even busier than I have! Thought I'd add my delivery from today onto your thread, hope you don't mind.

I don't like peridot, but as it's my birthstone and I thought it only polite to give it one more go and there's something wrong - I love this ring!
I'm undecided on the iolite ring as it is my dream setting, but the stone is so dark, you can only see colour in bright sunshine.
The tanzy earrings are very pretty, though I don't wear danglies, but these are only just danglies and I could always have them reset, the price was too good to send back to Rocks Towers.
The agate necklace is lovely, plain and simple and will be so easy to wear and at a silly price. Also have two money clips, swiss blue topaz and amethyst.
I'm afraid the multi-gem ring is going back as it just isn't me (sorry Darls!) and also a kyanite pendant which is just too teeny weeny.
All in all I'm very pleased, just have to decide on the iolite ring.


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The peridot ring is mouthwateringly scrummy and I'm so glad you persevered with it! Agree about the iolite- it should jump out of its setting at you and that looks a bit flat. The agate necklace is a real winner and looks as if it would go with anything. I love those earrings on you jacqualina and if I were you I'd buy little plastic backs from Argos just to make sure they stay in.

The way you've displayed the rings is very imaginative....wonder if Rocks would be interested in your idea?

They're lovely jacqualina!

I think my fave is the big chunky agate necklace - looks fab! :biggrin

(like the ring displayers - good idea!)
Wow Sara, if I'd seen that marcasite cuff bracelet going for £29, I'd have grabbed one too!! We've turned you in to a blingbabe, you see, you just can't escape us bad influences on here!!


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