questions you'd like to ask qvc and presenters..


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Aug 14, 2009
...and get answered!!

Why is P&P soooo expensive?
Why is P&P not discounted if you make more than one purchase?
Why are some prices on items soooo high compared to elsewhere?
Do the presenters have other jobs - some seem to work so little hours?!
How do some presenters cope with childcare with all their odd hours?
Is julia r married despite keep reffering to her man as her partner but wears a ring?
Does julia r have a house in spain,as she goes on about it so much?
Are presenters able to say,I don't want to work evenings/tsv launches etc?
What do they do with returned earrings and things like spanx?
Is anthony gay?..not that it matters,I'd just like to know!
Is the "butler"part of butler and wilson,simon's ex partner?

I'm sure I'll think of some more!
"Julia, what size are you?"

I would say in QVc sizing as they make them big for some reason, she is a medium but in the "Real" world high street she would be size 16. Also it depends if we are talking about the clothes actually fitting properly as she does squeeze into small sizes which would have all her lumps and bumps hanging but in her "mind" it fits!
So who do you really think the QVC shoppers are?

When will you retire Alison Young?

Why do you let z celebs sell beauty products when they have quite clearly had work done.

When will you evenually tell Claire she is not really working for CBEEBs?

Do you really have quality control department?
If so is it one guy on his own?
When will you retire Alison Young?

LOL Donna - when I read this I immediately thought of 'retire' as in Bladerunner.......& then had visions of AY running headlong through multiple plate glass shop fronts (remember that bit in the film?), with Harrison Ford's character hot on her heels pointing a camera at her.......'but we only want a close-up of your lips.......'! :giggle:
When the Dreamkeeper woman goes on about fairy dust how do you manage to keep a straight face?
Do you draw straws when it comes to presenting shows on cleaning and storage solutions?
Does the Lime Tree stuff really taste any good - honestly?
who makes the bachground sets -very 80's and wobble like 1980's neighbours
who makes the desicions on what will be a tsv and why don't they ordinary viewers to make the desicion
who came up with the concept of the morning show (luckily normally at work!)
lets see julia r house who normally pays a £500 gas bill but recently had a £1000 one!
do they read reviews
do they read forums like this
why isn't a tsv a proper a tsv like it used to be - roughly now only about a fiver off
why do they bring back some tsv's
when will they get some new stock
Why are many products, supposedly demonstrated by experts in that field, actually presented by ex-shopping channel presenters?
When the Dreamkeeper woman goes on about fairy dust how do you manage to keep a straight face?
Do you draw straws when it comes to presenting shows on cleaning and storage solutions?
Does the Lime Tree stuff really taste any good - honestly?

To answer you question on Lime Tree Pantry Pies, I have tried many, bought eleswere, meat pie pastry a bit salty for me but fruit pies are lovely.:happy:
Do you ever feel like shoving that whistle quacker thing down the quacker factory womans throat?

Which woman presenter throws the biggest diva hissy fits backstage?

When was the last time JF had a decent meal?

Do they really use all the QVC products they profess to?

Who wears QVC fashion in real life?
How do you manage not to P**s yourselves laughing at some of the hideous fashion?

Do you get discount?

Are you paid per show and how much?

Which presenters do you really like?

And which ones do you really hate?

And which ones do you want to punch in the lying gob?
Why does Beth the model grin & gurn so much on camera

Does Beth the model grin & gurn so much off camera ?

Why do most presenters wave their arms around like windmills, distracting me from the product

Why can't Julian read the on-screen product details peoperly after being on QVC for 15 years?

Does Gilly Jones wear a wig

Could we have some bathroom ranges - towels, shower curtains, soap dishes, loo brushes etc (but no microfibre please)

Why have you stopped selling mud bandages / microfibre towels /fudge making kits /"taboo" products

When will you us about the departures of Lee Bradley and Moulton Brown ?

Please give me Dennis' (Ojon) phone number

Linda :call:
I'd like to know how much claudia or is that clowde-er spends on fake tan....actually bless her,I quite like her!
Great topic - I've just chuckled my way through it!

Here's my questions:-

Why does it take so long for something to get transported from Liverpool to Yorkshire?
Why do you advertise that 99% of orders are despatched on the same day they are placed or should that be why are my orders NEVER despatched on the same day?
Why can't we have p&p per order rather than per item (so you can order a few different items at once and only get charged one lot of p&p)?
Anthony Heywood will you marry me?
Julia Roberts why do you pronounce turquoise as turqwas?
Is that JRs house on the promo she does about Qcut and if so where are all the Tiffany lamps she says she has everywhere in her house?
Can we have Molton Brown back and have proper bargain MB tsvs like we used to have?

Can't think of any more right now but I'm sure more will come to me later!

In trying to answer some questions:-

QVC presenters are self employed so I guess they will have other jobs (Anthony for example does photography and Julia has said that she does voice overs and corporate videos).

JR isn't married but they have been together for a lot of years.

Many years ago the Butler part of Butler & Wilson used to appear on QVC with Simon, I think he was his business partner but couldn't say if he was his partner partner or not!

TTFN guys.
Out of all the entrants to' become a presenter' why oh why did you pick Craig?

If I turn up with a sharp pin and a cork, can I pierce your ears please Jilly?

Are you as daft as you look Beth?

How do you look so elegant and classy in such crummy fashions Sharon?

When are you leaving Craig?
these are so funny - why doesn't jilly have her ears pireced?!

I like craig - I didn't know he was leaving!!

Back to the butler and wilson topic - I do know that nicky bulter lives in the US and is still a "sleeping" partner.....

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