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Jun 24, 2008
I have been blocked from my account because of difficulties logging in. I had entered new details with a user name and password, but I was blocked. After a 25 minute wait on the phone to CS I was told there were a lot of problems and they would send me a new password. I have tried with the new password - but am still blocked. Unwilling to waste another 25 minutes of my life, I have sent an angry, but polite email, apart from automated response no reply.
Anyone else with the same problem.:mad::mad:
Yes, this happened to me yeserday afternoon, l have been completely blocked and refuse to waste money on CS, so they have lost me ordering from them again. never had these problems with theold logon, only with the new one they want us to use.
This has also happened to me this week. it is telling me to ring cs. well I will not be footing the bill to ring cs. when I receive my item I have ordered I will not be ordering from them again.Hopefully I will receive my item!.
Yes, this has happened to me too yesterday - after swearing I would never order from them ever again, against my better judgement, placed an order with them for something - went online to check it yesterday, put the right details in but got blocked out. Customer Services have been less than helpful. NOT impressed at all (but then it serves me right for placing an order with this shower of s***e)
After reading this thread, I tried logging into my account a few moments ago and got into it, after a bit of a palaver.

Initially I put in my customer number and password because that's what the instructions tell you to do. That didn't work, so I tried my customer number and new password. Still no luck, so I put in my new name and new password (that I set up when they changed the procedure) and voila - I got in. So either I eventually did something right or the problem has now been sorted out.
And me, so I couldn't get the jingle bears which sold out! so I tried ringing them the next day (as it was 12.30am at the time and customer services would have been shut!) and waited 6 mins 28 seconds and gave up. Sent them an email and a few days later they've sent me a very strange password....but thankfully it works so I'm up and running again.
Can't help asking myself was it worth it?
I am still trying to get into my account, have emailed for a pin no. but have had no replies, am now sitting holding the phone waiting for a reply, only want to know if my item has been dispatched. this call is going to cost me a fortune.
Well as usual have had to put the phone down after 7mins, now will have to email them, what a shabby company, no the wonder they are going out of business,
I was logged out last Friday, have rung several times and after waiting each time for between 10-20 mins to get a human being gave uo and emailed, no response what so ever, so no more orders from me.
If they had just the tiniest bit of intelligence they would realise that if they looked after their customers they would keep them, instead after sales service and customer service is virtually non existent and customers stop buying from them, profits drop and staff are made redundant, precisely what is happening at IW right now.
I have also had problems logging in to my account, so sent an email but have had no reply until tonight nearly 2 weeks later, they have told me to try and log in with my account no, and pin, but nothing changes, can't get in again, just telling me to ring cs, well no way am I doing that!. or emailing them again, I wont be buying from them again.
I've been blocked twice now which is so annoying. I had to ring to place an order and then just as I was giving my credit card security no, the wretched thing said it had been declined so they were putting me through to a didn't someone say they were moving back to the uk?
Do they specifically tell them to keep us on the phone as long as possible because everytime I've ever phoned them without exception I'm on the phone ages anyway she has sent me yet another password but it's so annoying grhhhhhh!
Funny how my credit card went thorugh straight away the second time!!!!! makes you wonder!
Not sure if this has any connection with this thread, but......

Yesterday I had a phone call from the fraud department of my bank HSBC, to say they wanted to cancel my credit card. The reason being that I have made a recent purchase was with a company who has been in touch with them about their website has been hacked.
I asked who the company was and what information they took, but they would not say.
I checked my last statement and have only used three companies:- QVC, Ideal World and SKY.

At least the bank is looking after me, now have to wait until the new year for a replacement card to arrive. Then I have the hassle of remembering to notify the likes of SKY or they will just deactivate my box.
Oh that is very worrying, as I have posted in another thread, I am having trouble with ideal world over a payment they have tqken from my visa and they are saying I have no order with them for it, but they have taken payment for it, and I remember when I was trying to order it on the web I had trouble getting it to go through, maybe their website was not working properly when I placed my order.
My account is blocked too, I'm not calling them though! I don't intend to order from them in 2009, Themroc I ,also bank with HSBC and they haven't called me. It worries me though, as they have my CC details!
I'm still able to log into my account with no problem. Mind you, I've nothing on order and am not intending to order anything in the near future ..........
tried to log in today same problems as everyone else so I have sent an email see what happens,/:8:

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