Prices of diamonique of 'distinction'


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Jun 25, 2008
Washington UK
I've not been on for a while long holiday etc but Ive just sat and drooled over kunzite and turned over QVC.
Surely they are having a laugh at £200 for fake rings - yes they are in 18k gold but?????
Now I have one or two pieces but think they are losing the plot with these prices.
Does anyone agree?
Still drooling over kunzite, maybe this show came too soo:cash:n
yes because they do 14ct gold and thats far more affordable and there is stuff in last clicks for good prices.
They seem to be selling well so somebody is buying them, but it's not me. I got a lovely grey Diamonique ring in silver a while back when it was a free p & p show, it cost £21 which is a bit more reasonable.
I'm not buying either !, I did used to buy alot of yellow gold Diamonique but no way at these prices they want now !, I dont care how much the price of gold has "gone up" these prices are scandleous !!!!!!!!
I agree some of the prices are ok for what it is but £200 can get real for that if you look around - ok not quite as big stones but ....
I was surprised to see this show - didn't watch all of it - but what I did see was all mostly yellow gold - and it seemed to me that qvc had phased out a lot of their yellow gold diamonique?
my opinion is reflected in your opinions. i used to buy many 14 & 18ct jewels off them (enough to get invited to a gold day event within a few mths of commencement of my membership). in the past year or so, i haven't bought any and it has nothing to do with my spending power. the prices are just ridiculous.
would it be fair to predict a new name for the range...
...diamonique of "extinction"...
I'm glad you started this thread mollymoo. When I saw the price of that white gold ring, I was astounded. £200 for such a small amount of gold. Severly overpriced, as the diamonique stones on thier own are not worth so much. And Charlie acted as if it was perfectly reasonable to pay this much. People should not pay that much out of priniciple, then they would have to put the price down.
I was surprised to see this show - didn't watch all of it - but what I did see was all mostly yellow gold - and it seemed to me that qvc had phased out a lot of their yellow gold diamonique?

I was surprised to see this show was on too rainbowdottie! The first thing I thought was 'I wonder how they're going to fill an hour's show... ' - QVC truly have a pitifully small amount of 18ct yellow gold diamonique nowadays and what they do have is outrageously priced. :sad:
some of the items that are now priced at appr £200, used to be in the price bracket of £55-70 over a year ago!
I watched this show, first i thought OMG I have wasted some serious money in the past as I have a few bits of gold dimonique, but then it dawned on me that the prices have at least doubled. Why pay £200 for a ring with an artificial stone when you can get some gorgeous real stuff second hand. O.k not with the range of sizes QVC offer but real gems. I was wondering who was buying at those big prices in the middle of a recession given that the stones are not real
Diamonique prices in general haved hiked up like nobody's business lately, and in my opinion the quality has deteriorated. Some of my earlier stuff (only about 5 years old 'cause that's how long I've been addicted) is very believable and high quality, but my most recent purchases from the range have been huge disappointments - in my instance I mostly buy the sterling silver stuff and lately the silver has been shockingly bad quality, and the diamonique stones themselves just look like plastic or glass :12:
So pleased it wasn't just me.
I agree about the stones I have some going back to the beginning - very good.
Last week ordered a silver 3 stone ring and returned it stones flat, no sparkle, also had to return one few months ago for similar reasons.
Might try IW's version - they seem cheaper and sparklier!!
Am sitting here on finger typing - been stung by wasp on middle finger at the top on the paddy bit - feeling very sorry for myself - how can something sooooo small cause so much pain??
I'll order something to make me feel better haha
ihave a three ring set in 14 carat gold from about 4 years ago and it looks so authentic that a friend I'd not seen for a while thought I'd got engaged (oh dear I sound like a TC now!), but would not buy any of it now, too expensive now and like others are saying i've found the silver stuff starting to look dull and tacky of late. Shame as I love a bit of sparkle but good for the bank balance. Maybe I should phone in and tell them how much money they've saved me by putting the prices up so much

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