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my heart is in Kernow...
Jun 24, 2008
Middle England...left a bit, no, right...
spooky! :thinking2:

got one of these from Costco yesterday, £69 inc vat.

it's very good, especially with the heat. the muscles in my back ache a little bit after 3 goes on it, but i think that's cause i've been so darn tense just lately (& the main reason i got one!).

lots of reviews here
They do them in Makro - I had go in there and it's lovely on the base of your back, I'll wait untill it's on a special, though.
Just to avoid any misunderstanding, the brand is homedics if anyone was doing price comparisons.
Sit Back and Relax
Homedics Portable Shiatshu Back Massager SBM 100


They're doing it again - less than a month since the POTD 'you can't buy this at a lower price' - they've got it on special offer :wonder2:

What's the point of buying stuff when you see it slashed down in price just as the money back guarantee runs out!....I wonder how many of them are returns :thinking2:
Oops :blush:

In my defence, Mandy said they sold very well when they were the pick of the day for £69.99, so some poor suckers have been ripped off, again!
hya :hi: I bought the one on tv this week from ebay brand new £29.99 + £3.95 pp so got it for £33.94.

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