Pity the Poor Potato


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Jun 24, 2008
Newark On Trent Nottinghamshire
Was mosying around the clearance section and I came across this product which looked like a bargain.

Then I read the reviews - I love this one

pity the poor potato
"This must be the worst ever product I have ever received from QVC. I admit there have been products I just didn't like but this even lets a bad product down. The blue bobbly bits came off on the potato and the product did not perform in any way as described. QVC have a reputation for quality but this did not live up to it. It went back!!!"

Full marks to QVC for having both this review and the other 'equally complimentary' review on the product.
i saw this yesterday and thought exactly the same. i wonder if the buyer responsible for this little beauty got their knuckles rapped?

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