Pipa looks nice


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I was thinking that too. I love her dress- bold, daring and stylish. How I wish I could look like that.
Pippa is a nice stylish lady, but I wish she would lose the yeah,yeah,yeah. :ANYWORD: bang head
Pippa is a nice stylish lady, but I wish she would lose the yeah,yeah,yeah. :ANYWORD: bang head

Agreed Kathy, although she was quite good on the Yankee 1am show, much less yeah yeah's - the lady who was standing in for Michaela and her had a great laugh. Although must admit was watchng after a night out on the tiles!

I always wanted to look Elfin like - but ended up more Elephant like LOL
pipa looks nice

Today's the day I take the plunge! I've been looking at this forum for a while now and as I've recently come out as a QVC addict felt it was about time I contributed! I agree Pipa does look nice and I think she is one of the best presenters on QVC. I have felt for a while now that QVC is looking a bit tired and needs a re- vamp, though those at the top don't seem to have any new ideas. What does my head in as those presenters who go on about rings "having personality and presence"... very strange.
If it was a Kim & Co creation then they wouldn't have needed a match to light the candles as the static would have done it for them!!!
Are you sure it was not one of qvc's:lol:

I liked the new hair - so much better than the tin-tin look.
Fraid I didn't like the hair I thought it was too short at the front, but I would like to welcome Violet to the forum. Hope you enjoy yourself Violet.
to the forum Violet!
pipa looks nice

Thanks very much for all your warm welcomes. I'm sure I'll be completely addicted to this forum once I get going! I've been watching the beauty (in between the football), and again have been quite bored. I used to really love QVC... has it just got more boring recently, or is it just me? Pipa is one of my favourite presenters and she seems to have upped her game recently, as a few weeks ago just seemed to be really bored with it all. Think they really need to get their game together at QVC towers.

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