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Jun 30, 2008
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Hello everyone

As usual I'd like to bend your ears abit & seek your advice please :help:

I won the peridot circles necklace.....& was well chuffed - but when it arrived the lower two circles catch on the stone so it ruins the effect for me & will be going back....

But then in a bidding frenzy I won & was well chuffed (thinking replacement for the faulty one) but when it arrived the main central stone looks like it has got a mark on it.... I've tried cleaning it with a cloth & it seems that it is an inclusion as it looks like it is in the stone rather than on the stone

I've never noticed an inclusion before until I've had RocksTV stuff, so I'm unsure if my expectations are too high...
So I was wondering (if anyone else has got this pendant) what the quality of stones are like in it - are they un-included or included???
Should I settle for stones with marks on/in them?

Apologies for the waffle......... but thank you all in advance!
Hi PD. I haven't got the first pendant so can't really advice you. I have the same design pendant but in garnet and none of the stones have inclusion. why don't you e-mail rocks and ask for a replacement.
thanks bargainhunter - I was being an bit unsure if I'm being picky or if the stone marks are actual faults.....if that makes sense....& I thought I'd pick other people's brains first as my brain is a bit "special" :rofl:
Can you post a picture PD? I have a few peridot pieces but none have any marks or inclusions. I love the design of this pendant so definately worth asking for a replacement.
unfortunately, my piccy taking skills are not up to it (or I could blame the camera!!)
the main thing I noticed looks like a piece of a thunder fly. I also spotted some other marks that are just shiny marks ramdomly inside
Thanks to both of you
I sometimes wonder if I'm cursed with getting one iffy piece per parcel - maybe its someone telling me to stop spending......!
I could offer my services to them as a pendantic, picky quality controller though :lol:
peridot should be whistle clean, not a speck. send the item back hun. I fancy you can see a speck in that photo...
Yup I think I can see a speck in the photo too!!!
& thanks for letting me know re peridot being clean & clear.... I won't feel so whingey when I return them now (well, I will when I pay the P&P but I'll ask if they could consider reimbursing it)

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