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Apr 16, 2009
Near Newcasle U Tyne
I'm thinking of getting this and was wondering if its any good? Thought it might help my feet for my hols if I start using it now. Any advice out there from anyone gratefully received.
I've never tried pedikur. It has always seemed very messy andd time consuming to me, but I have the microplane footfile and its brilliant. Really quick, really easy and once you have purchased it, thats it, no running out of pedikur 'goo' and having to re-puchase so more economical too. Loads of peeps on here really rate the file too
Pedikur makes me heave (sorry) even doing it on myself

I much prefer the microplane

If you have really hoofy feet then the best thing to do is go to a Chiropodist (or a scholl place) and have a really good pedicure and THEN try to keep on top of it
I've tried Pedikur, and it does work, but lately I've been using the PedEgg (similar to the footfile I think??) and it's great. Quick and easy, I also apply Boots Intensive Foot softener after, quite cheap and really works.

i too use the pedegg this is nice cause there is no mess even managed to pick some up from carboot for £2 instead of £9;99 from shops but it is worth the money
What a coincidence. I used pedikur last night. It does work. For me, better than anything else, although messy and time consuming. Foot files do make your skin harder after a while. Just be careful you don't slip after you use it, as feet become slippy afterwards.
i read somewhere that over using foot files make the skin grow back quicker and thicker so i dont use one a tall.
i wash my feet daily and use a scrunchie the i dry and use my l'occitane foot cream no more hard skin...
I really like Pedikur, and I like the foot file. But not both together. I once did my Pedikur after a foot file (not thinking!) and it made my feet very red and sore. I'm such a tattie and I've never done it since!:34:
My OH tried Pedikur as he had really hard skin on his heals - they looked almosy hobbit like they were so bad!! He didn't like it as it was so messy and it did take a few applications before it made any difference so he gave up. I bought him a Ped Egg and he loves this. No more hobbit feet for him!!
I have never tried Pedikur but it sounds messy, smelly and time consuming!

I bought a Ped Egg off Ebay for £2.50 but wasn't impressed. Quite fancy a microplane but should watch my spending.

Dug out my out Scholl file the other day and it was great. It's quite satisfying to watch the crud piling up on the floor, so long as the vacuum doesn't break down! Don't know if I would bother with the Microplane now although it does get great reviews here.

I have bought this and its been in my cupboard for 2 years and theres still some left. It does take some skin off but not all of it. A session at a chiropodist would be better :)
I use the Ped egg every few weeks to keep skin at bay then also use the pedikur everythree months. Prevention is better then cure!

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