Pasta Express - Any Good?


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Jun 24, 2008
Just looking at the kitchen outlet hour on the vids...the pasta express looks like it could be quite useful...anyone tried it?
yes i have its a waste of time so save your pennies for something better there are a lot of people on here that have brought one and they will probably tell you the same. :(
I did look at the reviews on the website & they weren't very good....I don't mind the pasta al dente but the reviewers said the pasta came out uncooked, has anyone loved the results it has given?...& anyone used it for veg?....
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i have one and my daughter will use it if she just wants pasta while we are having curry which she doesnt like...I find in all honesty that the pasta goes sticky and a bit mushy....But thats just me,

If i am doin pasta for myself i wont use it .See for yourself and if you dont like it you can send it back and get your money back...You havent lost anything.!!!!
Just bought one of these in the Warrington Outlet - £1.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There were about 5 left when I was there.
Are those the jar things?

What's wrong with a pan of water? I think they look like a waste of time, but haven't actually tried it myself!
Load of crap - don't bother!

Mine came out as a mix of raw and overcooked :rolleyes:
Bit like their microwave saucepan & egg poacher which I purchased. Not sure what happended to their eggs but one came out overcooked (like a rubber ball!) & the other still uncooked jellyfied eggwhite on the other.

Most disappointed I think I'll stick to Delia's method!
I actually get on well with my pasta perfect. I use it for wholemeal spaghetti & it does that a treat, but not so good with pasta twists. I think the trick is using spaghetti as being thin it cooks better & perhaps it's the fact that I'm using wholemeal which stops it going soggy?! I've also used it for those packets of shop bought filled fresh pasta that you get from the chiller cabinet & hot dogs with great success. (I probably wouldn't have risked hot dogs, but for the fact that they're veggie ones, so you don't have quite the same concerns about cooking thoroughly as you do with meat products.) I personally wouldn't use it for all the "recipes" that they show in the demonstrations as clear plastic isn't easy to get clean again after having greasy stuff put in it like butter or oil. I put olive oil in with my spaghetti once & I shan't make that mistake again!

I do understand people thinking that there's not much point when boiling water in a pan is so easy anyway, but I have a lot of health issues & sometimes the ease of just boiling a kettle instead is the difference between me be able to have a hot meal or not. That said, my boyfriend said he never saw the point too, but since we took it to use on a recent self catering holiday he's been converted. I don't think he's used a saucepan for pasta or hot dogs since!

I hope that's helpful...:)
The only recipies i have seen for cooking pasta say cook in lightly salted boiling water never seen one that says let it sit in boiled water.The Italians would die laughing at this.
Mine are sitting at the back of the cupboard , I have never been able to get the lids to click on resulting in boiling water every where. Not only that but by the time the pasta was cooked (well softened slightly) the water was cold so I had to reboil the kettle and refill the pasta express with boiling water . What a palaver never again. If you feel the need to try one I will send you mine for the cost of the postage .
Thanks everyone....I'm still undecided....Caramelbunny thanks for your post, it sounds like the wholewheat pasta might work, I just love the idea of the pasta express for ease of use when getting a quick meal & the strainer tops seems a great idea.

Thanks amber&ruby, I might take you up on that offer.
Sorry Claudia, I am with everyone else here. Save your money. Apart from the fact you can buy it cheaper if you look on the net, it is rubbish :mad:. It'll end up being an expensive spaghetti storage jar.
got mine cheap from warrington outlet, not even got it out of the box after reading the insructions, can do it quicker the normal way. so no i would not buy it at full price.

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