My goodness, Ophelia fancies herself


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Ophelia still comes across as a nice person!
No harm in being yourself 🙂
Totally agree

Honestly? NO! I can think of nothing worse than being a presenter on QVC, or anywhere on TV for that matter!
Not to mention I would absolutely appalling at it!

I’m not an extrovert, hate public speaking and could not cope with having people gabbling in my ear whilst I try to speak!

Plus I would loathe the attention and the exposure of knowing everyone was constantly critiquing my body, hair, clothes and voice/personality!

For the “right” person, however, it must be a dream and sure they’re very comfortably remunerated!

[Do we know/has anyone ever found out what sort of salary the presenters are on?]
I meant wouldn't we all like to enjoy our job so much
What did Simon Wilson say?
Is that the Butler & Wilson jewellery guy? I haven't watched him for years, but I remember he could be somewhat abrasive to presenters on occasions. I certainly saw him take no prisoners with Jill once, very blunt and forthright. I think if he felt the presenter was getting above themselves and trying to outshine him he'd let them know about it PDQ.
Whenever she is on I have to switch off.. I got 30 seconds of her trying to pronounce accentuate which came out as assentuate. If there is a long word in the description of a product you can guarantee she can't pronounce it. She once said on a gardening show that she didn't know that plants had plant food. How she got her job I'll never know.

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