Page after page of rubies


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Jun 29, 2008
Ok so I am not up to much toady so I thought I would have a shuftie through the jewellery channel website for a bargain to put away as a Christmas present, but I am getting really fed up cause the last 6-7 auction page have all been rubies and I for one am not interested in Rubies.

Wouldn't you think they would spread them out abit??????:confused:
OMG they are doing it again, PAGE AFTER PAGE OF RUBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whats going on with them?:mad:
Mogok rubies no doubt eh? guess they got a job lot to shift.

hope you find your layaway gift soon.

Thanks hun but I am not ordering from them just yet as they still are selling Rubies from Burma which is a disgrace IMHO, not that I don't like Rubies but I not like them from Burma!

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