OMG I do not believe it!!


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Jun 24, 2008
OMG!! I cannot believe what I have just witnessed from Kay Little!!

This was the item:-
I would point out though that the colour was not the same as in the pic and as usual it appeared windowed!

She sat with the posture and voice of the Rev I.M. Jolly (the Scots amongst us know who I mean!) and preached for about 10 minutes on how wonderful this stone was.

She then told us that Tony the Gem Hunter pays $1000 a carat for Tanzanite. As this was a 2.22 carat stone that would mean the stone alone cost Tony $2200 which at today's exchange rate is £1453 for the stone alone remember. The price dropped from some extortionate fairy tale starting price to £1200 and something.

She preached for another 10 minutes then made a big deal when they dropped 10% off the price. This continued until the price reached £989. After another 5 or so minutes and much more preaching, she told us they had just received a phone call from "Headquarters" (!!) saying that if someone came on the phone they would take £100 off the price!

She made a big deal about this and even said "if you would like to make this ring part of your family....."!!! Oh yeah dump the kids and adopt a Tanzanite!! :famtanzy:

After around another 10 minutes they reduced the price to £799 with the usual carp about "we really shouldn't be doing this" and "I'll get into trouble for this". She then said - honestly she did - "Why don't you just call the call centre and make us an offer afterall we can only say no but it could be worth your while"!!
They wouldn't take £49 unfortunately but I tried

At this stage I genuinely thought she was going to burst into tears and tell everyone that she would be sacked if she didn't sell it she was that desperate!! Eventually, she said someone bought it, she didn't know their name though

So all in all, it probably took her nearly 30 minutes to sell this ring for £799 when she clearly stated that Tony paid $1000 a carat (around £1453) for the stone alone without the diamonds and gold! Yeah right!! Rocks & Co Charitable Organisation? I don't think so!

I sincerely hope that the ASA have been tipped off about this channel and the downright lies they tell. How she could sit there quoting these figures which would mean they had sold this ring at a loss of at least £654 excluding the additional loss they would have made on the gold and diamonds?? Shocking!

After what Onion Terror heard on the internet about them stating they had sold items when they hadn't, I am really surprised they are still on air but then perhaps the ASA are still investigating as I do know it takes them ages.
OMG KB you tell a wonderful story - I was there, sitting with you, "hearing" it happen!

As you say, the ASA would take a VERY dim view of presenters stating how much something was bought for when quite clearly that can't be the case. This is misleading. KB if you know the time, you can file a complaint online quite easily. The ASA will request the tapes from Rocks and I'm pretty sure your complaint would be upheld.

Tony, hun, if you're reading this ........... let me buy your Tanzanite for you because quite clearly I can get it cheaper! *sniggers*
KB, sounds like it is safer to stick to watching the real Rev I.M. Jolly :laughing:

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