Oct 5th Deadline - what should I buy?


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Me too. First time I've had one and there is nothing to tempt me.
I wasted mine on item number 683810 (sorry, can't do links!) cause it looked really pretty but when it came it was a lot bigger than I expected it to be and I didn't like and returned it the same day ... poo! Wish I could reuse the voucher cause I should have just ordered some candles or something!

This is a link.

Thank you - I searched high and low for that yesterday as I thought it'd be a good thing to get with my voucher - something I need rather than just buying something for the sake of it - I searched under "sandwich", "board", "knife" and "try me" and it didn't come up. Will order it now.
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How have I managed to miss this range? Though I did know about the try me one as I saw it when it was a hot pick but didn't get round to ordering it. I might have to order the knives too and get them on the easy pay voucher with the try me - was only thinking last week I needed some new ones. Thanks again
Still not tempted!

How about any old thing for the teacher or son/daughter going off to uni in 15 years time maybe (nothing like being prepared!). Then there's always the neighbour from hell who MUST need a new music system to continue playing the oldies from the 60's/70's as loud as possible. Work colleague possibly?

Come on now, the list of possible "lucky" recipients is endless really.......:54:
Forgot to say......ask Mrs James for fashion advice. She'll find you some beautiful pieces, probably a complete outfit, without too much difficulty - think you'll be amazed!! :54:
Being a teacher myself and having got the children through Uni I am not tempted by BusyLizzie's idea- who knows you lot might be buying me presents for Christmas!
What kind of things do you like, Flying Pigs? Jewellery? Saucepans? Meat? Do you have a pet dog? How about this?:54:

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