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Oct 11, 2008
If anyone has a NN featherbed in Super King Size please could they do me a massive favour and measure it. I'm sooo tempted to get one now but want to make sure it will fit my bed.

And if I may be even cheekier, if you have duvet covers in the same size please could you share the measurement of those as well.

Or, if there is an online size guide you could always direct me that way instead, lol

john lewis or peter jones do faether beds with down on top and there is plenty of feathers and oodles of down. not cheap but will last you forever. the northern nights ones don have enough filling as the presenteres were flipping it around quite easily. i have had mine for 6 years and its too stuffedto move that easily and i have had no feathers pop through.

if really lucky and can track down one made from comfycozy this is exeptional value and the fill and quality are exceptional

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