No Bare Escentuals TSV?


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Jun 24, 2008
I was just looking at the QVC TV Guide and it says that the TSV for Sunday the 26th is Cleaning Solutions??

Anybody know why there is no BE TSV?
I think its been mucked up somewhere along the line it says Cleaning Solutions 1am and at the bottom for 12 am it says Ojon, I'm sure BE will be on at midnight :)
I think it's an error liamsbab as AY is the presenter in the midnight hour. The 4am and 8am repeats are BE shows too. I was a bit concerned when I saw the TV guide as there would be a load of disappointed FMs!
Isn't it because BST ends and the clocks go effect giving us an extra hour between 1am and 2am?

J x
They have already sent out emails saying it is going to be BE so I think it should be ok

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