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Sep 24, 2008
Hi, thought I would share with you the only item I kept in my 1st batch of items..

I didnt take pics of the ones I sent back as I already returned them on way to work..

most dissapointed in that I did have a mintabie ring-9 stones out of which 3 were see thru with no colour at all just a dull bluey nothing.

I decided to return the mintabie earrings i had mentioned previously too, cos whilst 1 was great, the other harldy any play in it, and would have looked an odd pair. That was a hard decision cos im findig mintabie hard to get and they matched my pendant brilliantly.

THIS is the item kept in this lot though, lets hope my next lot are all good, I have s-s delivery hence later arriving.

my photos are below, the WHITE diamonds really sparkle day or night and have some great flahes in them. I have tried to show different lights with the pics, I have not yet taken in true daylight/sun as there was none today.


  • double1bwdi 006.jpg
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Thanks, I like it as I wear alot of black so its easy to match with... I wore it today at work and had nice comments on it. Glad i got it.
Sorry your opals were a disappointment, but your ring looks really smashing. xxx

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