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Dec 17, 2008
Don't get too excited, but having hmmed and hahed twice over this ring at £99, when it came up as soon as I switched on and went to £77 it would've been rude to let it pass me by, wouldn't it?

I can't pretend it's a posh blue, but it's a good strong mid-dark lilac colour, decent size and very pretty so I like it for it's own sake at what seems a very fair price. xxx
Never known you to be rude, Argey!!!
What a pretty ring.... I like the "along the finger diamond shape".....crikey, there has to be an easier way of saying that?...... how about , I am an admirer of the "north-south navette style".....? Well, anyhow, I like it... looks a fetching colour and I reckon will look good on ...... enjoy it..... heaps!!
It's lovely Argey, and I think for the price you can't complain, decent gold weight, decent carat weight, and you don't often see Tanzy in a marquise cut, so all in all, a good deal. Wear it and enjoy.


Very nice ring Argey! I like the fact of the diamond shape but also the marquise stones make it look unusual (in a good way) too. Enjoy wearing it :)
Very pretty ring Argie and a very good price :nod: .... enjoy wearing it.
What a lovely ring you have got yourself there Argey and what a good price, well done on you're purchase, enjoy wearing your new ring
You'd think I'd be able to spell your name by now ..... sorry Argey!! :eek:

No prob Flaff! <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border=0 ></a>
lets face it argey it doesnt really matter what the colour is if it is at the right price and you love it thats all that matters IMHO i think it is lovely
No prob Flaff! <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border=0 ></a>

Arge at £99 that ring was a bargain but at £77? Uber bargain! Well done you and here's hoping it make you smile when you wear it. :up2:

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