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Dec 17, 2008
Hi Guys,

I've just had a barmy half-hour, possibly a result of having had the two littlest grandchildren here for about five hours of granny why, granny who, granny what, granny granny your eyes are closing, granny ................

I've managed to stash four items into my basket, with no hesitation, and I think they're bargains but would welcome comments. The pearl is a second best and if my favourite comes up at the £99 ticket before I have to check out I'll switch, but the other three were shear chance. I had a quick mooch around the clearance section and found these. Seem to be extra bargainous, what do you think please:- £89.00 £41.97 £41.81 £36.80

All substantial pieces, and other than the obvious such as white topaz, I wondered if I'm missing something.

All comments (other than personal) are welcome. Thank you.

Argey xx
Awww Argey, when I saw the thread title I thought you were adopting me...:D

Now then, the pearl is 8mm which is quite small but decent gold amount and as has been said before, unusual to see yellow gold, so if you're ok with the size, I think the price is good.

The andesine is described as 'Imperial' which means it's a browner red than the stuff you will have seen on Rocks tv. Again it's a good price though.

Not sure about the yellow beryl, it looks as though it will be very pale. Fine if that's what you want and it's a substantial amount of gold which you can always sell for scrap and maybe even win on!

I have the rubellite design in a merelani mint garnet and TBH it's quite unusual. Again, decent gold weight but it will be down to colour, if it shows any brown tones in electric light, it's not a rubellite. (A very wise bird told me that!) Watch for inclusions too but I honestly think all are good prices and worth a look.

I shall not make any personal comments as I consider myself above all that...:28:
I just love them all, the pearl is gorgeous, the Andesine is scrummie, the Yellow Beryl is beautiful and the Rubellite is divine. Out of them all I think the Rubellite is my Fav.

The rest of my comments would of course be personal.
don't get <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border=0 ></a> BC.
Argey for those prices you probably won't get top quality but they're great prices considering the gold weight AND the gemstones. Definitely worth having a look.

BC has really said it all but Imperial Andesine should be blood red (if it's good) - almost like a ruby. If it's too brown, it won't be great. Same with the Rubellite. A great Rubellite will be a ruby red/pink/purple colour with no brown at all. The colour in the photo looks "odd" and too purple. I've seen one like this from Gems before. Still worth a look though. In terms of the beryl - the gems should sparkle. If they don't, back it should go!

Is that the same pearl you were after the other day or another? I'm guessing that since you've got a pearl in your basket, you really need to see one at the very least. That'll either confirm that you love them or hate them!

Don't forget to post up piccies and your review will you?
Hi Meesh,

The pearl in my basket at present, is a kind of standby. I'm keeping a look out for my original choice which had been in my basket for £139 until I remembered granddaughter's birthday. Fluff has since seen it go for £99, so if I can catch it for that (or close) then I'll swap as I favour the design and the pearl is bigger. A reminder

Since my first posting in this thread I've had another wobbly, having seen this come up at £149 only another £10 more than the original price of the first pearl ring What's a girl supposed to do? If the ring does show up again, then I'll have to dump everything else in any event as I'd love the matching bracelet and ring, and can't afford it all. Eyes bigger than me wallet.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts, and I'll let you know what I do. I can't do photos I'm afraid as I don't own a camera.

Argey xx <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a>
hi argey im more of an expert on the bread thread i think !!! he he , but i love the first ring and i think u need to see on irl to decide, likin the last one as i love my rubellite also i like the bangle that is unusual and i like unusual toldu notmuch help am i :1:
Some lovely items Argey - I especially like the andesine, though I do prefer the standard "red" andesine to the more orangey "imperial". Hope your rubellite is lovely too - and I personally prefer this pearl ring to the other one!
Can't say the yellow beryl one appeals to me at all I'm afraid, but we can't all like everything!
Hope your final choices live up to expectations.
Didn't spot the bangle before - wow, it's a beautiful design and I've never seen anything remotely like it before. Seems like a low price for a bangle's worth of gold and a Tahitian.

As an aside, I don't recall the old stock Tahitians (like Sputnik) having "cultured" in the description, is this just a change of emphasis or are they different does anyone know? Actually, bet it was always there and I've forgotten lol

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