i can't sleep and just add to my basket


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Jun 24, 2008
On a hill, at the end of the road, where the wind
Sleepless in London and watching the paraiba clearance hour.
I am not impressed: most have windows, just look like glass and are very pale in colour
Then I spot this beauty: turquoisy blue, electric colour and no windows on first impression....
I have it for £99, there were 3 in the auction, really hope I will get the one which was shown on telly
I know the 1mm diamonds are carpy, but let's get this one home and check the PT
I almost got that........ but i have got too much already, did look a good colour though, i LOVED the earrings, the 1 off, but no way i would pay that, id only go and lose em!

Its been quite funny though comparing the real life (well tv) colour against the images on the web..... funnily enough they dont look washed out after they been enhanced in photoshop. . (other image products are available)..

the other earrings went at £197 have been on web games today at £167 (i THINK it was these http://www.gemstv.co.uk/shop-detail...ory=webgame&game=2850005184116&colourScheme=8

not 100percent sure though i forgot to look at the details on screen.

BUT it wouldnt b the 1st time ive seen ultra clearance items got for more on tv than in web games.
yeah, i was checking prices and only few items were substantially cheaper than on the webgames.
I haven't seen many live PT presentations and i knew from comments here from our inhouse experts that most piccies on the web are heavily photoshopped.
I usualy don't go for this shape of ring, but the PT looked good. The earrings were indeed very nice....
I liked the band ring with 3PT that went for £387, I like this kind of style, but the PT's were again too pale

I need to get my sleep now, only have 4 and a half hours left lol

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