My First (of many) order from ROCKS!!!


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Jul 16, 2008
South Wales
HI all,

Had my first order from Rocks today, thought you might like to see. Love the authenticity cards, although the ink cartridge may need changing as I couldnt read the last line on it!

Black onyx and amethyst silver earrings:

Black onyx and Amethyst Silver pendant:

Russet Pear Silver Ring:

Marcasite Silver earrings:

Sorry if pics arent clear.

Well They are all gorgeous and keeping them all hehe. Love the packaging, the book is great. Now just can't wait for the next delivery. Which just happens to be tomorrow hehe
All lovely pieces valleygirl, it's very addictive isn't it? I had a delivery today, but am hopeless at posting piccies. Another delivery coming on Thursday, am going to have to stop soon!
Gorgeous items VG - I had the matching (to your earrings) marcasite bracelet arrive today - love it - though will have to have it made smaller, hopefully. :)
Great items you have there valleygirl.......stunning onyx,very glam!

I also have the russet pearl ring,simply stunning isn't it.

Enjoy them all:)
I LOVE the black Onyx VG, and I also have a russet pearl ring from CR that cost me considerably more!!!

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