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First up, the little circle and pearl neacklace, very pretty and delicate, perfect for my sister.

Second, the onyx and marcasite pendant on an 18" leather cord, to match the ring I got before Christmas.

Third, have NEVER been a fan of turquoise until I got the silver and black onyx and turquoise necklace from Rocks and have been looking out for a bracelet, I LOVE this bangle.

Fourth, I got the little 1920's Cloche hat design marcasite ring before Christmas, but my Mum fell in love with it, so I'll give it to her. Well, I HAD to have another marcasite ring to replace it!!

Fifth, the silver amethyst ring. It's so clear and fits perfectly.

I also got the silver amethyst earrings that are in a cross shape.

I got the cream silk and pearl scarf after seeing how lovely it looked on BH, but unfortunately, it really just doesn't suit me somehow, so I'll take it home tomorrow when we go to Rocks and give someone else the opportunity of owning it.

Oh dear, I've got another basket to check out now, I have really got to start sitting on my hands!!!!!



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Gosh M4G I love them all, the Bangle is sooooooo lovely Turquoise is one of my fav gems.

I like the first necklace and was wondering what it wold look like on, thanks for the piccie.

you do have fabulous taste in jewellery.

Now sit on your hands woman you have a busy day tomorrow.
Great haul Lady Mad, some very nice pieces which look very good on you. I have the marcasite ring in the 4th pic on
order atm, so very interesting to see it in situ. :) Many thanks for the pics.

Just wondering if tomorrow will turn out to be a 'shopping day' as well as a 'visiting day'..........? :mysmilie_738.gif:

It'll be sooooo tempting if discounts are on offer as well! mysmilie_1436
Lovely bits Madwoman!
The bling ain't bad either....
I have the pearly necklace (surprise surprise!!!) and it's a belter for the small price, isn't it?
Loving the onyx one too.
Can't place the earrings you mean at all, surely there can't be something I've missed...???
Enjoy! And have fun tomorrow!
Have the pearl necklace coming tomorrow. Thanks for the piccie. Lovely haul as usual. Have fun at the open day.

Les x
What can I say! Love them all. I have the turquoise bracelet and the pearl necklace coming tomorrow!! so much for not checking out last week!!!
Absolutely lurve the first necklace. I'm getting quite into marcasite myself so the pendant and ring are fab. Not so keen on the bracelet, too chunky for me but looks good on you. I bought my niece the pink topaz version of the amethyst ring for Xmas and she was thrilled to bits with it. I'll be uploading some of my treasures soon. Thanks so much for the run-down on how to do it M4G - really appreciated.
i really like the amethyst ring, very sparkly and love the cut. I have been tempted to buy rocks turqoise, as it seems more green than blue which i prefer, as I am not into blue gems or stones but this bangle is stunning

Still not convinced about the marcasite (pyrite) but i am sure that one day i will be buying a marcasite item lol
I had a delivery today too, with some bits going back up the motorway with us. I love them but there's something not quite right with them for me. 2 of them were bracelets which is a shame. I didn't take piccies unfortunately before sorting the parcel.

glad to see you're keeping RTV in business hun!
Another great selection there Mad. I love the marcasite ring and the turquoise bracelet and Rocks amethyst is always a stunning colour. Can't wait to see what you buy today! ;)

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