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The DPD man decided to arrive at about 5 o'clock this morning - ok, slight exaggeration - but it WAS early! With him, he brought a mixed bag but overall I'm very pleased with today's haulage.

Going back:

Two sets of black and white diamond earrings. Several gripes with these:

1. That old chestnut of not being able to see them through the packaging properly
2. That they are on a GemsTV card thingy inside the bad packaging so you can't even hold up to your ear through the bag to get a good perspective.
3. The diamonds don't sparkle. They're dull as dishwasher so back these both go. It's a real shame because I adore the round/diamond ones but I'm not paying almost £150 for rubbish diamonds. :down:

Also going back is a Rose de France Amethyst ring. This was only £29 in the mega clearance and the one on air was gorgeous. Look how big the window is in this one!!!

That's the bad news!

Now for the keepers:

The other day they had a mega sale page that somebody said was full of tat. Well here are two items from that tat that I love! 3 tone silver earrings for £9 and a matching pendant at £12. These even came with a silver cleaning cloth! Brilliant value! :up2:


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I know that Ooops posted about this pink diamond pendant the other day. It's as sparkly as they come! Really gorgeous and nicely made. It is however tiny. Very small indeed - about 1.5cm from the top of the bale to the bottom of the heart - so much smaller than it looks on air. A pair of these would make gorgeous earrings as Ooops was thinking.

Lastly, the tanzanite and diamond ring that Miss M posted about a while ago. I chased this round the web for weeks and somebody kept putting it in their basket and then dumping it but finally, I managed to get my mitts on it! I'm sooooooo pleased! This is so out of the "norm" for GemsTV and it's great to have a vintage looking piece that's well made with great diamonds. It's a good goldweight as well. Even though the ring isn't supposed to match the pendant, it does in a retro kind of way and I'm thrilled with these. A really great departure from the normal range from GemsTV and IMO brilliant!


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Shame about the diamond earrings - don't you think they would sparkle even out of the bag? I wish they'd find another way of presenting earrings - it's so difficult to tell what something's really like through layers of plastic.

Shame also about the amethyst ring. I see what you mean about the window! Do you think they pick out the best pieces, i.e. with the most colour or the best cut, to show on TV? I've had several rings are not as nice as the one shown on TV.
I agree, Meesh, the pink diamond pendant looks lovely and would make a super pair of earrings like Oops said.

I think the tanzanite ring and pendant match pretty well. OK, so they're not the same design but they match in style and have the same gemstones and they will be worn far enough apart anyway. Lovely!
I see what you mean about the black and white earrings a shame but agree with you...
WOW ive never had the pleasure of seeing through such a big window totally spoils the amethyst how do they get passed???
The tanzanite set is stunning love it.
I love the look of the pink diamond pendant ...i NEEED pink diamonds ,havent found any yet though.
And as for your tat !! well i love em very pretty indeed ,a girl needs a bit of tat to complement her collections. Im off for a looksie ....
enjoy meesh xxx
Very nice tat you've got yourself there Meeshoo and what bargain prices ..... no wonder you weren't bothered about joining me on the wagon just yet.

The window in the Amethyst ring has to be one of the best examples I've seen for a while :giggle: but not being able to see earrings properly is beyond a joke :angry: but we've been saying that for years haven't we?

Now for the serious stuff .... the tanzy pendant and ring are absolutely gorgeous and make a beautiful set .... if I hadn't known I would never have guessed they were from Gems.

The 'ickle pink diamond heart is sooo sweet .... maybe a perfect present for little Meesh. :wink2:
Lovely haul, Meesh!

So glad you got the antique style ring to go with the pendant - it's absolutely stunning, isn't it? Also the diamonds and great (as well as the tanzanites), and it's over 4g of gold. It's definitely one of my all-time favourite pieces of jewllery. Let's hope someone from Gems is reading this and will take the hint!
Loving the tanzanite set! The fact that they don't exactly match makes them look more vintage - as if you've picked them up from different antique shops at different times. A perfectly matched set is always a giveaway that the jewellery is modern not antique.
What a shame about the earrings :( Having recently ordered my first pair of earrings from gems and now fully understand the frustration you have all spoken about re the packaging!That amethyst would look great set in a door but not on yer finger!!

The keepers are bloomin' fabby though........the silver range is such good value,think I'm gonna peruse the website for some more :D I got that silver ring the other day after seeing that lovely necklace you bought,so ta for that.

The tanzanite ring is the star of today's show,however,it matches the pendant so well......outstanding choice..........drools a little bit more!
Lovely keepers Meesh, the silver earrings and pendant look so much more than you paid. Love the Tanzy ring, looks super with your pendant too. Big shame about the panoramic windowed Amethyst, could have been a great ring if perfect.
Love the antique style ring with the pendant Meesh, as Janta says the fact that they are slightly different styles makes them look authentic vintage. :clapping:

Such a shame the heart pendant is so tiny and how about that amethyst, even a beginner like me can spot that Everest moment! Can't believe that a stone like that one would get through QC.
I love the designs for the Tanzanite pieces, and I can just see the pink heart on a little girlie - really sweet. xxxx
and I just picked up a piece of that "tat" - lol. I've seen this aired and it's surprisingly elegant being narrow and long but smaller than you might imagine. At £14 could be the straw that broke the camel's bank card. xxx


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Great keepers i love the Tanzanite ring and it goes so well with the pendant, you and Miss M have great taste, i also like the pink diamonds pendant but it sounds a tad small?
Shame about the earrings though! the silver pieces are also lovely very funky.
and I just picked up a piece of that "tat" - lol. I've seen this aired and it's surprisingly elegant being narrow and long but smaller than you might imagine. At £14 could be the straw that broke the camel's bank card. xxx

Arge - congrats on your tat! I like the jigsaw effect. It looks like it's going to be a nice length! Can't wait to hear what you think and at £14 if you don't like it, it'd be great for the pressie drawer.
I'll be starting to receive my hauls next week, and will post about them even though I can't do photies. xxx

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