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Dec 17, 2008
I think I've got the right channel!

Has anyone actually bought a Miche Bag. If so I'd be very interested to hear any comments.

If you haven't, what's put you off purchasing so far?

I've got one!!! I got mine from e-bay though!! I love it. There's quite a few for sale on there. Get all the skins from there as well.

I like the concept but what kind of bag person are you? I like a bag to have outside pockets, maybe some shiny badge or buckles, I like various shapes and sizes, materials and textures. Leather is "my bag" at the moment so that is what has put me off buying 1 for myself. If the made various shapes and sizes to put shells on, with various textures of sequins, crinkled leather, croc or metalics then I would certainly grab 1 and a few shells.
I've got loads of different bags as well. My fave at the moment is the Coach Bag my wonderful husband bought me for Christmas - earning himself loads of Brownie points LOL!!!

Miche bags are obviously all the same shape but the textures, styles and colours and very different. This is the site on ebay I've used, he's got a really quick delivery and they are all brand new.


I think I'll probably use mine when I go on holiday, so I only take one bag but lots of different shells. The only thing I don't like is the long handles, so I've found a long handle from another bag and put that on and it looks and feels better.

I like the idea, but they're a bit formal looking to me and I prefer softer, more slouchy looking leather bags.
A girl at work has one, and she bought several shells from the ebay seller linked above. The bag is a very clever concept, good quality and looks very smart, but personally I don't like the shape - too 'boxy' for me. I saw them for sale in a mall in Chicago recently too.
There's a good deal on them at £29.99, with two shells, which is the Black mock croc, and what the call the ginger cori. I wouldn't mind the black one, though I would have much preferred to be able to buy the bag and choose the 2 shells I wanted to go with it. The ginger cori is the last one I'd have chosen, that's probably why they're giving it away as it's not popular and then they'll retire it...if that's what they do. I really want the purple croc one with the buckle and the pink one with the bow..oh and the red one....I know you can buy the shells, but even with the discount I can't afford to spend that much, so in essence, if I did buy one, I'd have one I'm not that excited about (the black) and one I wouldn't use....a real pity!
Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you everyone for your constructive comments.

Since my finger really isn't on the fashion pulse, I guess I wanted to hear that they're 'OK' rather than 'Oh, don't get one of those, they're really naff', so it's nice to know I haven't lost the plot completely (yet!).

What type of bag-person are you? Good question Soziberry and I'm glad you didn't say baglady. I'm not fussed about outside pockets and the shells offered do appeal, especially the stripes and the dotty ones.

It's the not having to move stuff from one bag to another and inevitably forgetting something that's the big draw. And from what I can see it's quite an 'organisational' interior isn't it? Getting a bit fed up with rummaging at the bottom and the proper organisational bags all look a bit utilitarian - well the ones I've seen are.

The shape though is structured/formal/smart isn't it. Not a bad thing, but might be a bit restricting.

The Best Direct deal certainly is a good one at the moment but it's still several 10's of £ by the time I've started a shell collection, since I agree that the 'starter pack' offered is a little lacklustre.

Oh I dunno!

Thanks again everyone, at least I know I won't be laughed at if I do purchase though!

All the best
A girl at work has one, and she bought several shells from the ebay seller linked above. The bag is a very clever concept, good quality and looks very smart, but personally I don't like the shape - too 'boxy' for me. I saw them for sale in a mall in Chicago recently too.

Bliddy hell! I've only gone and bought one :eek:
I went back and looked at them again, and decided a black one would be very useful - and I have a funeral to attend this week, but no suitable bag. So I bought one, with a black Ellie shell. :54:
It came today. I love it! Such a clever concept. Only thing is, it came with two longer straps inside, but I don't see how they are supposed to attach? I don't like the longer straps actually, they look a bit Placky, but I was wondering how they attach, if anyone knows?
I've taken the plunge too!

It's just turned up at the office, not bad as I ordered it last Thursday.

It looks really quite good, but I can't have a proper nose around it as I've got to get on with some work - will have to wait until lunchtime.

It looks like the long straps have loops at the end and slide on the metal rings which have hinges (you have to move them around a bit to see them). How easy it is I don't know yet, it shall get a thorough road test this evening.

I had the black and ginger shell which came with it and ordered the red ellie, brown christine and stripey one which it's wearing at the moment. Approx £60 all in.

On the whole, me likey.

Hope you get on with yours Pick a Lilly

Also got my free gift, so I'll put that on the other thread (Mad Mike's....)

I found the long handles didn't really "go" with the bag if you know what I mean!! I've got another bag with a nice long black handle and I've put that on and it looks much better, also it did seem quite fiddly to get the short handles off and the long ones on. The one i've put on clips with a nice metal thingy so is easily taken on and off. Sorry for being so technical LOL!!!
I got mine from ebay windowshopper, and I've also bought the cheetah print and the teal coloured shells now. I really need some therapy for this handbag habit, it's totally out of control :eek:
Thanks for the tip about the longer handles, I'll have another look at them.
I've had a good fiddle with the handles and the long ones are now on. It wasn't a quick job, but maybe 'cos it's new and all a bit stiff.

I did sigh when I found I put the first one one back to front, i.e. with the loop 'seam' facing outwards for the world to see.

I'm not sure how long the fixings and handle loops would last if it was done very regularly, but at least all the component parts can be replaced in time. I bet they'd even sell replacement rings if the hinges got too loose or insecure.

I've checked out Ebay and I think I'll give it a go when I've exhausted Best Direct.

Don't tell my hubby this but......... i've got a book next to the PC and in it i've wrote down all the shells that I like, and gradually i'm crossing them off!!! LOL

Had a closer look at the handles today and, now you have explained it, I can see how they work :1: Have retrieved long straps from the waste paper basket in case I decide to use them.
I used my bag today (funeral) and it was much admired. I had great fun later, showing everyone how it works!
Ann - I had a giggle at the thought of you masterminding your Miche empire while your husband is oblivious! Oh, little do they know :27: Today, the spotty one, tomorrow the World! OK, the maybe just the shell organiser.

PickALilly - Sorry your bag had its outing in sad circs, but glad you managed to lighten the mood with it. I had quite an audience as I was unpacking it in the office yesterday.

I'm glad we're all enjoying our purchases. :59:

QVC now sell this bag

Well I never.

Just checked to see if it was still half price and it seems to have disappeared from Best Direct!

My bag + 2 shells was £29.99 and free p+p so I'm glad I got in when I did. The animal print QVC is offering is a nicer option though.

Doesn't look like they offer the long handles though, which I'm using at the moment.

Best Direct are offering the LED lights which were my free gift for £24.99 - not worth it in IMO.

I'm using the black shell today .

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