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I am a make up junkie and just wonder if anybody has tried the Mally line. I am thinking of getting the discovery set. Has anybody tried it?:33:
I've only tried the mascara, but despite the short wand at one end which is meant to get to the roots I found it no better than others that I've tried. I also had to wipe the brush before using it, to prevent any clumps, so most of the product ended up being applied to the tissue rather than to my lashes. I might be being 'cack-handed,' but I've used enough mascara over the years to know how to apply it (I hope,) as without it you can't see my lashes as I'm blonde. I also prefer/suit brown or dark brown mascara and this mascara was black.
I fancyed that kit too star, but was unsure, it did look good on air I thought.
I have ordered it, and waiting for delivery any day I'll let you know how I get on with it!

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