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Jun 27, 2008
I love the M.Asam range and ordered two of the Travel Try-Me 11 piece kits,one for me and one for a friend.They have just arrived and luckily I checked them.One kit had only 9 items and the other had the 11 items but two of them were duplicates,so two products missing.By mixing the two sets,I've made up one complete set and the other one is going back for a refund FREEPOST (i've got the address if anyone wants it ).I daren't risk asking for a replacement as two out of two faulty doesn't fill me with confidence.Anyway,if you've ordered one of these CHECK IT CAREFULLY.
Freepost address for IW

Hello there,

Thanks for your post and the offer of the freepost address. I would like it, as I am sure I will need it at some point!

Thanks again,

Jackie :)
The freepost address I was given ( over the phone,mind you,from India )was Ideal Shopping Direct plc,FREEPOST NATE ,435 Newark Road,Peterborough,PE1 5BR.Hope this may be of some use when the occasion arises.
IW Freepost

Hi Chicken,

Thanks ever so much. It may come in handy. I appreciate what you say about the source! ;)

Thanks again, Jackie :)

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