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Sep 27, 2009

I'm brand new to this forum, but I do love watching some of the shopping channels. I watch R&C regularly but have never bought from them. I'm just wondering why they've stopped showing the vital details on each piece? Until recently, the statistics - gem carat weight, gold/silver weight - was shown for each piece, but now there's nothing shown on screen, and the presenters never mention the carat weight unless it's the main gem in each piece. Does anyone know why? Surely it must put people off? I mean, if I was going to buy a £700 ring (like, as if!), I'd want to know exactly what I'm getting.

Do you think this is putting regular buyers off? And why on earth have they made this change?

Hi CountessK and Welcome to the Forum.

I noticed this the other day and mentioned it in a post but I have no idea why they've done it. The only thing I can think of is because the gold weight in their pieces is so light they don't want people to see it on screen now because it's putting them off buying! Maybe they feel the need to hide it from view hoping it'll boost sales lol!
Welcome to the forum Countess K :)

I do not know why they have changed this,and whilst I am not one to shy away from a good slating of this channel,in fairness I do not think GTV or TJC show the metal weights either.On these channels the presenter often asks for the gold weight or mentions it if it is worth mentioning ie decent weighty piece.........I doubt that R&C has much opportunity to mention it though due to the very skimpy gold weights they use!

If you are watching on the web you can still access all the info by clicking 'more info',desn't help much if you are just a TV viewer though!:thinking2:
Hi and welcome CountessK

I too wondered why this info had disappeared from our screens. However I was watching John Scott last week and he mentioned that there was some problem with the 'strap'. He apologised and said someone was trying to fix it....
hopefully it would be back in working order this week. We'll see!

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