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Jun 24, 2008
Yorkshire Uk
Hi all :1:

I've currently got my eye on a couple of loose gemstones on the Coloured Rocks website. Can anyone tell me if these stones would "pop straight into" a standard ring/pendant setting (provided the right size for the stone is purchased) or would these stones need calibrating first? Also can anyone recommend a place for "off the peg standard settings"?

TYIA. :1:
Tabs typically calibrated gemstones are 6 x 4, 10 x 8, 8 x 6 etc. If you have fractions i.e. 6.7 x 4.9 or something like that, then they're not calibrated. Some gemstones will fit into standard settings, some won't. It depends on the stone and the setting. If you get a gemstone that is say 6.1 x 4.2 you might get it in a standard setting (depending on the setting). However, if you had a gemstone that was for example 9.8 x 7.4 and you put it in a 10 x 8 you may have issues with seeing the actual mounting underneath the gemstone showing around the sides and/or have a gap. I made some horrible mistakes when I first started doing it but have learnt the hard way! By the way, there is far less tolerance with a bezel setting than a traditional claw setting.

Hope that helps.
Meeshoo (or anyone else) - Do you know of a good source for standard settings?

I have never done this myself, and would love to give it a go!
There are a number of sellers on Ebay who have some great semi mounts (sometimes you need to upgrade diamonds though). Your local jeweller should also be able to get them in. I know my local jeweller has a catalogue that I can look through and choose although these can be fairly expensive. There are also online jewellers you can try.
Hi Miss M - If I may stick my oar in here, if you google retail jewellery findings you'll find plenty of all qualities and styles. Some of the sites also give loads of guidance.

If you visit www.kernowcraft.com, this is not the cheapest site, but contains plenty of ideas, tools and advice.

Argey x
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Hi Tabs, I have loads of loose gemstones and if I want to set one, I look at a particular jewellery website (mentioned on this forum) for a ring with a setting that I like and with the same size gemstone (albeit a common one like citrine, ameythst or garnet) then take it to my local jeweller to have the stone removed and my own one put into it. It only costs me around £15 to have that done. The most I've paid for a ring is £50 so I find it's a cheap way to do it - plus I get something I really like. Good luck :eek:)
Hey Twinny :Hiya:
I've bought some settings from a store on Ebay and have set the stones easily myself. They have a really good selection but are mainly silver. They do rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings. I have had no problems with them at all, the prices are great and the delivery is good. They are based in the USA but I have never had to pay any customs or duties.

Have a wee look and see if there's anything suitable for you:-

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