Lola Rose TSV 24/11/08


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It looks lovely jewellery but I find it a little expensive to be honest...wont stop me drooling though!!!:11:
I love lola rose but have to agree - it is massively expennsive. I make some jewellery in my spare time and know the component costs and there is certainly a huge markup in this stuff. does not stop me admiring and sometimes purchasing though!!
i bought a multi strand bracelet (black agate, quartz...) from Heathrow aiprort last week, price was down from £58 to £22. It looks fab and am very happy with it.
I ordered a bracelet from QVC on last clicks which I had to return, as there were some stones missing, and the colours where not as on the picture.

Check out LR website they feature often a mid season sale.

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