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Jul 3, 2008
Please help....

I bought a Lola Rose bracelet the last time she was on and absoutely love it, however, I broke the knot that you pull apart to make the bracelet tighter and as its my fault I dont want to send it back.

I emailed the Lora Rose web site direct but not surprisingly I didn get a reply ( which reminds me I am still waiting a reply from Models Prefer/YBF from 18 months ago )

What I do want to do is find out what those chinese Knots are called and if anyone knows how you can make them at home.

They cant be that difficult - I hope

Any suggestions ?
Sorry to hear about your bracelet RedorDead. I think you'll have to re-string the whole bracelet which is quite a big project if you don't know how to do it. I've seen some books on beading which included how to make this sort of jewellery. But I think you'd better inform QVC about it and ask for replacement (if you got it less than 6 months ago you should be covered by their 6 month guarantee, like all their products). If the knot got broken, then it wasn't properly made (either workmanship or the string was too flimsy).

I've got loads of Lola Rose and never had a problem with items, they should last a long time (unless you drop it on the floor LOL, they chip and smash into smidgets), and for the prices they charge, the quality should be top knotch.

Hope you'll sort it out with QVC.:1:
Try a flat knot - google for a tutorial as its too complicated to even attempt to explain it!!
I have once dabbled in making a necklace and the knot I used was a macrame square knot - I expect it is the same as the flat knot nikkid mentions above.

If you attempt it - I was advised to superglue the two remaining ends when you've finished the knotting. My only problem was that I was over generous with the glue and managed to stick the knot to the threads underneath (which meant that it wouldn't adjust). So be a little cautious, thankfully my heavyhandedness didn't matter as it was a necklace but it will with your bracelet.


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