liz earle superskin concentrate or decleor aromessences?


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Jun 1, 2009
What is more effective at achieving the glowing, clear, blemish free skin we are continualy promised? (if anything does) Have been using the Liz Earle for around a year now, and still get spots (hormonal, chin ones). I've got the SS concentrate too and not really convinced its working. I'm seriously thinking of switching to Decleor and the Neroli 3 step programme as AY always refers to their range as the introduction to serious skin care to clear things up.
So, what in your experience does the better job? I really can't buy any more ineffective stuff (even tho a fair amount does go back)!!!!
Thank you!!!
liz earle superskin concentrate or decleor aromessences

I have older skin and find the LE superskin very good, it is moisturising and does not cause any spots, which her other moistursers do on me.

I am so impressed and wanted to share, just ordered some more from her website and a lovely surprise, they sent me TWO full sze 50 ml jars instead of the one I ordered, with a nice letter thanking me for my custom. that costs £30 on her website. abslutely bowled over. listen and learn, QVC!

re decleor, I never found this much help although they do do a special oil for spots, it is not the neroli, can't remember the name but if you check on their website, sure it will be there.

I ordered the Gatineau TSV on cheque hold but am going to cancel because I have now convinced myself that at my age, there are not going to be any miracles, and LE SS keeps my skin smooth and firm, best I can hope for.
I love the LE superskin concentrate and although I am in my early 40's I still have combination skin and have found the superskin concentrate has balanced it, I use LE skin repair light as my moisturiser.

LE superskin concentrate is suitable for mature dry skins but can also be used for younger oilier skins to help rebalance

The Decleor Neroli always made my skin go greasy even though I only used a small amount - think Decleor Ylang Ylang is the one specific for oily skin
Thanks guys! Am very late 30's, so assumed LE would be better for age: but if the neroli can be greasy might stick with LE. Maybe just using too much...
BTW v good of the LE website team to give you extra pot of SS too!
Just to throw a spanner in the works, I can't use stuff like Argan oil as that does bring me out in (a few!) spots but get on fine with the Neroli oil & don't find it greasy at all! :flower:
Hi there
I'm mid 30s and apart from sensitivity I have a dehydrated but neither oily nor dry skin (sometimes a bit dry in the winter). I don't really like liz earle superskin concentrate becaude I found no matter how little I used it just never sank in - I wanted to love it as I quite like superskin moisturiser but I ddin't get on with the smell either, Decleor's neroli brought me out in spots- I found it a very thick texture but I do like argan oil - we are all so different aren't we.

Why don't you try the ad skin synergy oil or forget oils and try a serum. Lulu does a facial oil too but I'm not sure how pure it is. Or waht about something like pure prai? Good luck or maybe sarah chapman's overnight facial - think that's an oil texture if that's what you favour
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I have oily skin and found Liz Earle's concentrate has really helped regulate it, I have used Decleors Ylang Ylang in the past and although it was nice to use didn't find it helped much with my oiliness but, Liz's does and you get nearly double the amount for the same price.
I'm 53 and half way through my first bottle of Aromessence Iris Oil. Its lovely - is absorbed quickly, not sticky, other moisturiser then foundation hold on well. My skin is smoother and slightly more even in tone which is good considering I have patches of thread veins on nose/cheeks.

Must admit I'm using Clinique Turnaround cream on top, not a QVC range, I'm working my way through my stockpile.

I've not used any other oils so can't compare, although I'm going to try the A'kin rosehip oil next - any ideas where I get the "best deal" on it please ?

Im in the same age group as you and have never gotton on with Liz Earle skin products (apart from eye cream). I have been useing decleor since my late teens (friend is a beauty therapist) but i dont use the cleansers.
AM - use hydra floral with no olis as its too rich rof my skin
PM - use neroli followed by baume essential

I find this conbination works perfectly for me but only after much experimentation. We are all different so i hope you find a solution to suit
The LE concentrate is not pure argan oil, she puts other things in with it. I use the pure organic stuff and it is fabulous. You can get 30mls for under £20 from Mir. Some argan is purer than others, it all depends on the goats. Mir don't even use the goats and not sure about LE?
i have very oily skin and get hormonal breakouts, i use decleor ylang ylang oil morning and night and its really helped my skin i use it with prolagene gel so that when i do get spots they dont scar or leave red marks for months and together i just cant praise them enough, the ylang ylang has really blanced my skin, its still oily but just clearer and less out of controll and i have less breakouts, im now going to try the ylnag ylang night balm, i was reading on the decleor website they only recomend a blam for night time no actual moisturiser as the balm is enough, not sure about that but as ive had such good results with the oil its worth trying out.i tried balm essential once and if im honest it did nothing for me i didnt see any type of result at all.
To be fair I have only ever used the small travel size of the LE concentrate however having also tried the Decleor Ylang Ylang oil I am switching to that - have just bought some in Tenerife. I have oily t zone. I just find the Ylang Ylang nicer to use re: smell and it is suitable for oily skin. x
I have combination skin and use Liz Earle's superskin concentrate. I apply it in dots around the face, having spritzed my face with the Skin Tonic spritzer to dampen my face first. It sinks straight in, makes my skin glow and seems to balance out my skin too !! Most Decleor oils break me out, except for the new Excellence aromessence which I was convinced would break me out worse than ever, but I was determined to try it regardless :D
The LE concentrate is not pure argan oil, she puts other things in with it. I use the pure organic stuff and it is fabulous. You can get 30mls for under £20 from Mir. Some argan is purer than others, it all depends on the goats. Mir don't even use the goats and not sure about LE?

Didn't know about the regurgitating goats!!! seriously though, have done a bit of research, and ylang ylang oil has 15 5* reviews on the QVC website; so will order some.

From a straw poll of friends and the responses here oily, T zone, spot prone skin is more prevalent for 'mature' skin than I think is acknowledged; common advice is to go for the richer compositions.

thanks for all suggestions, really appreciated!
forgot to say ive had my ylang ylang oil since october use it twice a day and its 3/4 of the way down now but thats still about 1-2 months worth absolutly worth every penny imho
i am 21 and have very oily skin, i have recently incorporated into my liz earle regime the superskin concentrate and my skin is definately producing less oil. good old liz!
I'm late thirties with quite good skin and have tried both, I prefer decleor neroli as I don't find it greasy like LE oil, although I love LE products. Neroli has worked wonders on my skin and I can always tell if I haven't used it for a couple of days :)
I love the smell of SS Concentrate but find it better for my skin in the winter - too rich/heavy for me at this time of year.

Why not try Rosehip oil or the A'kin Cellular Radiance Serum?

Also, Agnus Castus (supplement) if good for preventing hormonal breakouts.

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