Liz Earle Build your own skincare offer £5 off


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Totally Loopy Lou

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Jul 20, 2013
East Anglia - UK
Just got an email about his.

Until midnight tonight (Weds 30/8/23), the Liz Earle new “build your own skincare routine” offer is reduced by £5…

This takes it to £49.50 (£15 more if you opt for Superskin).

I am quite tempted and it’s a good offer for me.

You choose your cleanser, then your toner and then your moisturiser (includes the new glow range), then you choose a free gift.

There are hair gifts but I am looking at the duo of the new night cream and Superskin oil roll on (together worth £51 apparently!)

You also get a free gift - in my basket it’s 50ml eyebright…

Will post a picture of my basket to show you an idea.

Good deal if you want to stock up on the basics and I like that you can choose and mix and match, unlike with a TSV…

Just need to remember whether I liked the reformulated rich skin repair - or to try out the glow moisturiser..!


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