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Jan 23, 2009
I recently returned my Smashbox TSV and for the first time ever got a letter confirming my return and the coming refund.

Why after all these years and what a waste of money and paper sending a letter?
When you return an item you can request confirmation but the letters seem to be a bit random, sometimes you get them and sometimes you dont, probably depends on who processes the refunds.
I always ask for a letter confirming and have always recieved them. f given the choice I would happily recieve an email instead to save a tree!
Well I have always ticked the box for some reason because it was there and so why not but never once received a letter til now! I'm talking many years lol.

Just about all my ordering is done online now and they email all the confirmations, dispatch etc so see no reason why they would then post an actual letter.

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