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Jun 24, 2008

Just to let you know there is a Leighton Denny TSV on Wednesday 28th October.
Should think this will have colours from his Elemental collection. These are on his Facebook page. I think I'll be farting as apart from Undercurrent and On the rocks I'm not loving any of the others and I have OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow similar to Undercurrent and On the Rocks looks very similar to Supermodel to me. Love Supermodel though and would definitely repurchase that colour.

There are a couple of Essie colours that I'd love to get my hands on .....
Some of these sound gorgeous! I wonder if they'll be in the TSV? (Hopefully in full sizes cos I'm a bit rubbish with minis! :blush:)

"The Elemental Collection
Coming soon, a breathtaking range of colours for Autumn Winter 2009 / 10.

The Elemental Collection captures the power and essence of nature in a collection of six high performance nail colours. Available for sale from Thursday 1st October the shades will be previewed here from the middle of September. As a taster ....

Under Current - A luxurious, deep, mossy green. A 'vert noir' twist on the classic 'rouge noir'

Up In The Air - Air inspired misty, grey silver with the merest hint of pink

On The Rocks - Warm and earthy, a so easy-to-wear clay shade

Feel The Burn - A feisty 'fired' terracotta. A red with rich, brick tones

Stormy Weather - A glorious purple shot through with delicate silver

Hot 'N' Cold - A cool, pale, muted and very wearable bronze"

Some of those colours look fab A'Kin, especially that purple.. Thanks for posting the pic & info :sun:

Possible TSV details. Not sure what the price will be.

228413 - Leighton Denny

1x 12ml Natural White Nail Vanish (White)
1x 12ml Infatuation Nail Vanish (Dark Berry)
1x 12ml On The Rocks Nail Vanish (Brown with Shimmer)
1x 12ml Corrector Liquid
1x 12ml Slick Tips Oil
1x 4.6ml Starkers Nail Vanish (Pale Flesh Colour)
1x 4.6ml Paramount Pink Nail Vanish (Pink)
1x 4.6ml Unmatched Mocha Nail Vanish (Mocha)
1x 4.6ml Supreme Cream Nail Vanish (Cream)
1x Trio Buffer
1x Small Precision Brush
1x Uno File
1x Hoof Stick
1x White Caddy Bag
What a yawnfest. Surely QVC could have done better than to put only one new colour in there. Mind you if it does look very similar to Supermodel I'm sure it will sell well because apparently that did go down a storm with all those folks who purchased it in the last TSV.
It's missing all the basics though isn't it? I need Undercover and One For All - all the TSVs of late have been without the basics I think which is a bit disappointing as it's those that you use most of?
I thought it would have more of the new colours to be honest. I can't use Slick Tips as it dries out my cuticles and I'm not too keen on pale colours so think I'll pass on this one.

But if he was to have a separate collection of 3 or 4 of the new colours I would be more tempted with that. Maybe 3 new colours plus crystal finish and undercover ?
That would do for me too! I don't use the other bits and pieces but colours and the necessities would be just perfect. I've tried Nails Inc undercoat/topcoat and they're fine but don't seem to be as chip resistant for me as Leighton's products.
Does anyone here have the colours 'Rebel' & 'Best Seller?' And are they as gorgeous in real life? Thanks :cheeky:
Does anyone here have the colours 'Rebel' & 'Best Seller?' And are they as gorgeous in real life? Thanks :cheeky:

I have Best Seller and yes it is as gorgeous in real life ! It's a very deep burgundy.

Not sure about Rebel but I ordered it yesterday so will let you know when it arrives.

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