Leighton Denny TSV - 28/04/09


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Hope this TSV contains more colours and less hand cream, hand scrub etc

Some of the Risque collection would be good (especially the Sex Kitten) and maybe a crystal nail file! :jump:
Leighton Denny TSV ... 28th April

Not sure if this has already been posted but this is on Facebook.

Host: Leighton Denny Products
Type: Other - Retail
Network: Global
Date: Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Time: 12:00am - 11:00pm
Location: www.qvc.co.uk - click on the live stream to see this anywhere in the world!
Street: FREE SAT channel 800, SKY channel 630, VIRGIN TV channel 740

Description2 x NEW ' limited edition collections' go on sale at midnight of the 28th April at special price for 24 hours.

Just thought I would bump this up. Wondered if anyone know what the TSV might be yet ?

Thanks xx
Think I could be tempted by this kit, like the look of the darker colours. Wonder if we will be treated with easypay!
Looks like it contains 3 full size colours, miracle drops, line corrector, slick tips, one for all top/basecoat, polish remover and file so could be quite pricey methinks!! :cm:
I may get the lighter colours for a change as I have soooooo many dark ones already. I don't normally like light coloured nail varnish but these look like they might be more of a 'clean' nail look?

Any guesses about the price?


P.S. Thanks Sazza.
ugh, the dark and the light colours look good. What the hell am I going to do???:25:

Thank you Sazza for giving me plenty of time to think about it:35:

depending on the price I could go for both..........::3:
they are both nice but I am going to resist as I bought a nails inc set recently and have lots of nail polishes so dont really need any more ...I will watch LD though as I find him quite entertaining!
I'm a litle disappointed as I thought the TSV would include at least a couple of the new colours from the Risque collection.

I'll have to see them "live" first before I decide.

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