Lapis Blue TSV pendant


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Yes I guess so..but what a disappointment if it is.
Very uninspiring.

thought the exact same, was hoping for more :33:

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I assume the lapis pendant that Alison Keenan is wearing is the TSV?

I saw it in the 11pm hour, I noticed it because it didn't go with her outfit at all. I thought she looked dreadful, her hair, skin and top all seemed to be one colour.
Lovely colour of stone, but uninspiring setting and completely ridiculous price. Money saved :1:

I couldn't have put it better myself...

The idea of putting pendants on cord to bring the price down is a great one though. I remember the Murano star pendant they did that with a few years back. (Far nicer pendant, thicker better quality cord, far cheaper price!) Unfortunately this pendant's price is still really high. I'd be surprised if anyone seeing this piece would dream that it cost that much...
Lovely colour of stone, but uninspiring setting and completely ridiculous price. Money saved :1:

The Gems Hunter expert who was on at midnight was explaining about the different types and qualities of Lapis and where they came from and this TSV is THE best. I think this is reflected in the price. I have a silver Lapis pendant, about the same size, and it cost about £30, so I think this TSV price for gold isn't too bad - maybe the original QVC price is a bit high though.
As it is Gem Day, why couldn't we have had a TSV something like that gorgeous olive apatite ring that the US had as a recent TSV - something new, something different? :(
The gold on QVC US is 14ct min and the price would really be high if they sold it. No doubt then we would get look at the price of that, QVC have lost the plot. Thats why we don't get the gold TVSs the same as the US. Even silver ones tend to be different too.
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