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Sep 8, 2008
Hi i know there was a ban the Kan thing on some time ago but i watch a repeat show l taped last night ( think it was from last tue) and i really like a few of those kits.:eek:

I know my Mother-in-law would love some cards made from then but they are out of my budget right now.

Anyway i seem to remember someone either on here or the craft tv web site saying that you can get a mixed box straight from kanban? How would i go about getting one of these i see the web site it not up and running yet.

Thanks pauline
Hi there is an outlet store in Shipley West Yorkshire.We went last year its all overstocks and seconds and you cant gaurantee what will be there when you go.they do sell single sheets too but at normal store prices.
someone on craftelly mentioned they used to do a postal service but you would have to ring and ask the oulet store is next to the offices you have to ring a bell to get in
try the Joanna Sheen website. one of the members there takes names for the boxes to be packed and sent out. the owner of the shop rings you for payents details and they are delivered the next day. You can not specify what goes in them but you get a huge A4 box packed to the brim full.

thanks just tried joanna sheen and email the lady that does them got a not rude but curt reply and was no she would not order one for me. something about Joanna paying big money for the web site and i'm not a long time member.

Anyone else have any ideas?
will try the shop tomorrow.

Thanks for trying like they say you can only ask.
I'd ring Kanban and ask them if you have a local supplier who sells their seconds.
I was lucky enough to visit a shop when we were up in Tyneside that had a huge box of seconds for 25p each.
It was a mix of paper and card in various designs including the concept cards. Most of them were printed on both sides with different designs but all were very usable, especially at that price :D
I have to admit that I stocked up and got 43 sheets, I had a 10% discount voucher so it came to under £10 so what was a girl to do?! :rolleyes:
I have noticed that in the latest Readicuts brochure they do a lot of the Kanban concept cards etc and they aren't an arm and a leg price wise. The best bit is that its free P&P ATM.

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