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Jun 24, 2008
Hey anyone hear John just give us a mention? He says "where are all you ladies from I've seen what you're saying about me! I've also seen the lady who wants a Matrix Opal but doesn't know anything about them"!! Sweetpea you're famous (or infamous!) :Notworthy:
I know......I'm listening and watching on the web!!!:11::8:

Thank goodness he doesn't know about my 'chat' streaking!!!!!:18:

John.......I now am an official have made my sides hurt this morning.....and I will be confirming this opal forthwith!
Went out tonight and recorded the last 2 hours, lomg time since I have done that with Shopping Telly, Gems Telly is my love now not Shopping Telly!
John if you're reading this, I would love to watch you, but for me, the webstream is fooked (both on Firefox and IE) since the viewing quality choice became available! :gasp:

Please, please get someone to wave a magic wand so I can watch again? :sad:
glad you are loving it I certainly am...keep tuned in ...lots more surprises for you all.....xx

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