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Jun 24, 2008
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I was watching the other night and Jim had said he was going to be on shopper again this week, if there was anything, to mail for the attention of him and he would get back in touch ....

I mailed (as some of you know, had been let down by another channel and was looking for some sparkle for my upcoming (gulp) birthday)

I had been working yesterday when the coloured diamond hours were on :sad: as cant watch from work (internet auctions are banned) and could only watch for a wee while on my mobile, thought I would give it a shot, they could only say they didnt have what I was looking for...

Anyway, had mailed yesterday and Jim got back to me today, had asked for white gold (got it) teal bue diamonds (got it) price (brilliant) !!!

Had to call if I was interested, left a message on his voicemail and he got back to me within 10 mins or so ...

He was LOVELY!!

Its the first time that I have been offered what I was looking for (maybe shopper didnt have what I was looking for in stock, who knows) and then to get an answer soo quickly (usually takes more than 24 hours) and then a call back soo quickly too ....

Working on shopper then he's live at 6pm tonight (I even asked him if he was getting paid overtime) he was soo nice (he must have thought I was a nutcase)

Just thought I would let you know about a positive experience I had ....or should I have waited and posted this when it arrives .. nope, being positive, as hubby reminded me, lifes to short to be negative 'especially at my age' hehehehe

I've spoken to Jim a few times on Shopper and yes he's a lovely bloke to talk to and very helpful. I texted him one night and thanked him while he was on air and he read it out, I think he's a top sausage. :D :pPC:
So glad you got exactly what you were looking for faerie and it's lovely to hear a positive story about cs. Happy Birthday by the way - hope you have a great day!
Oh yes Jim's great - I had been hunting for the 'perfect' tanzy for ages and he took notice of the (admittedly very fussy) requirements on cut and setting and matched me with a ring that I love to bits! :happy:
Awww ... Jim is lovely, isn't he. I wasn't too sure about him when he first joined the channel, but warmed to him quite quickly.

I heard Derek (Gibbons) mention the other night that Jim had something to do with Shopper ... I thought he seemed to be suggesting that Jim was heading up the Shopper team. But I may have got that wrong, cos it was one of those moments when I wasn't really listening and walking through the room...
Sounds great, presenter interaction on this level is usually good PR too! Now, whens Derek going to be on shopper i wonder?:D

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