It's official IW sell "market stall" clothes!


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Jun 24, 2008
I've just come back from a couple of few holiday up in Chester, and we decided to go to Liverpool for the day....looking around one of the markets up there I spied a very familiar looking top...the one with the girl's face on it picked out in glitter, the quality was horrible, well what one would expect to pick up for a few quid at a stall like that....I think they wanted about £6 for it, then I saw a couple of items with the label "SALOOS" in the back, and I thought I recognised that name from IW too, also saw a few bits from...guess what..."The house" of Casamia!!!!!

Now we've laughed over the years saying that IW's fashion looks like "market stall trash" I shouldn't really be surprised to learn that it actually is! I think they should be a bit more honest and instead of saying how you'd see their clothes at a champagne party, they should say as seen on a market stall near you..but at a quarter of the price lol!

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