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Nov 18, 2008
Hi All,

I am the newly appointed COO (Chief Operating Officer) at Rocks and Co.
I have been working in shopping TV for over 6 years and specifically jewellery shopping TV since 2004 working in multiple areas of the business for another Channel (you may guess who!!!)

First of all I would like to apologise to anyone that has had any problems to date.

Since we launched the reverse auction format we have been overwhelmed albeit this is no excuse for the problems that have occurred.

I am the first to admit that so far Rocks and Co have not lived up to their own or your expectations on the operational side of the business. I am now striving to correct this and hopefully in future we will exceed your expectations. I can tell you that we have had problems with late deliveries, a system unable to deal with price changes required for a falling auction, this has also impacted shipping and invoicing and it has also been a struggle to get through to customer services!. Not the start Rocks and Co hoped for as a company who wishes to pride themselves on the way they service their clients.

There are still a few outstanding issues as we are trying to force a system to handle something it was never intended to do and this is still impacting some older orders but I am personally going through each and everyone to make sure that the problems are being dealt with and rectified as soon as possible.
BTW, if you currently have an order that you have been waiting over 6 working days for, then please drop a PM to the Rocks and Co helper and we will look into it straight away.

I don’t think anyone could have anticipated the level of problems that we have had it has been like a minefield that as we put something right it has created 3 other problems elsewhere. We’re very sorry to all our customers impacted by this.
However, I am pleased to report that the new orders are now being processed correctly and so far we have had no issues, though significant, we consider this a small victory.

We realise now that the current set up and systems are not a long term viable solution for our business so we have already put plans in to action for the New Year.

1) We will be moving all our studio and operations under one roof. This means all departments work together making it easier to deal with any problems that may arise and we can be more proactive.

2) We are currently having a totally new customized software system being built, which will enable us to do everything more efficiently from taking orders to shipping the product plus more behinds the scenes that will make your experience a lot easier – plus some nice to have’s that other channels are currently not doing (more about that closer to the time)

I know it has been a long post but I wanted to explain everything to you,

I will be regularly monitoring the activity of Shopping Telly and if you have any problems please contact the Rocks and Co Helper, and she will do everything she can to assist you.

On another positive point, I would like to thank you all for your kind words on the quality of our jewellery and gemstones. This of course is the cornerstone of our business of which we are extremely proud. We work hard to offer the best gemstones set in high quality jewellery that you would expect to see only in luxury retailers but at very affordable prices. We hope when you receive your jewellery you are blown away by it as we delight in raising the bar for gem set jewellery, frankly, offering you the best there is!.

So keep shopping and we all look forward to even bigger and better things in the New Year!!!!

Have a great day and happy shopping,
Your Friendly COO 
Dear COO, I assume you are not Scottish, or you would never have accepted a post with a title which has COO as an acronym????!!!! :54:

In the beautiful land of my birth- and domocile- we hear the word COO and see the letters written COO, and, while we may momentarily imagine the gentle song of the turtle dove, calling to his mate as he rests in a stately forrest tree.......our minds quickly turn to our assorted native dialects, where COO is representative of the female bovine animal.....a useful creature, yes, but one that is large, unwieldy and expressing vast quantities of methane....... is this truly the image you personally, or your employers, want to project? :6:

I have noticed the large number of Scots in this happy Forum... I suspect you may have just succeeded in placing a big COO-pat for yourself to step into :11:

None the less, I wish you success of your mission :10: ...though I believe the Korean beverage marketed as "Piss" never took off ......:31: :33:

Yours, Mathilda
( hoping you have a sense of humour)
Well, Snoops, I do hope that.... but I was just this minute thinking that my post could also be taken as being a cheap alternative to the company taking Focus Group and PR/HR/marketing advice to avoid making future faux pas :59:
Welcome COO, you'll have to drop bigger hints as to who you were in a previous life as I'm in thick mode today :rolleyes: :blush:

I think it's great of you to post and let us all know what's happening and what's not, the personal touch is much appreciated!

I have received 3 pieces of jewellery so far and I'm delighted with them all - I'll take piccies when the next parcel with two more arrives in a few days, yep I'm hooked alright and it's because the jewellery appeals to my taste. I wish you all luck with the adjustments needed to have everything working at the same time.

I haven't had any delivery probs so far and CS have been very helpful, but I do have issues with the enormous price difference between auction prices and those available on the web, which can be literally hundreds of pounds and an email on dispatch of orders would be nice, as today's delivery came as a pleasant surprise. Also Certs of authenticity would good as we have rather got used to having them now and if you can please come to Virgin cable too, I might not have to lug this bloomin' laptop all over the place while I wait to see if the two rings I really really, want come up for auction! Hubby thinks I've lost the plot completely :hyper:

Welcome again and wishing you loads of luck sorting it all out......and if I've missed my rings while typing this I will thkweeeem and thkweeeem til............. :scarper:
Yoohoo COO!! :YIPPEE: C'mon then who the fook are you lol?? :SUE: Anyway many thanks for your post and explaining about all the cock ups and I'm confident about your confidence about putting it all right. :52: I shall be putting you to the test personally cos last night I made my first purchase of a Green Diamond :YAY: ring and I want it to not just blow me away but blast me into orbit!! :D The slight downside is that I got a call from my bank today who wanted to check that I knew about 2 identical transactions for £600+ from your company, so it appears that Rocks have called for the money twice. :YIKES: I hope this will be sorted out swiftly if that is the case. I look forward to your future postings on :Mrs James: :pPC:
It's a quiet Monday night not much on telly Sue thinks hmmmmm think i'lll buy a 600 quid ring :eek:
Welcome COO and thank you for your post. Both me and my husband have made a few (cough cough) purchases from Rocks and Co and I am delighted to say I have had no problems whatsoever although hubby did have a delay on one order but nothing to get upset about. I really like the fact that you, Gav and Rocks Helper are happy to come on to the forum and speak with us so thank you for that.

I'm not alone in saying I am so glad you changed the format to the Falling Auctions and I really like the variety, quality and prices of the beautiful pieces you are selling.

I wish you and the company every success in the future and as I'm Scottish too I will look upon you as being a nice friendly but somewhat hairy Highland Coo!!

Hello CCO, and great to hear from you on here - may we know your name, please? Thanks!
Okay, thinking caps on here.........

Clue 1.....working in shopping TV for over 6 years

Clue 2.....specifically jewellery shopping TV since 2004 (rules out TJC)

Clue 3.....has a sense of humour (at least Mathilda hopes so!)

Clue 4.....wants to keep in touch with ST members

Answers on a post card please.......

.........but are you thinking what I'm thinking? :mysmilie_738.gif: or should it be .....:mysmilie_735.gif:

Apologies, where are my manners?

Wishing you
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Hi, thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself and keep us informed of whats happeneing behind the scenes. I have had two items from yourselves and am thrilled to bits with them, keeping my peeps peeled for more (and hoping the bank will increase my overdraft lol):52: Please keep John Scott, he makes me giggle so much i nearly spilled my wine:30:.
BTW just who are you !!!:20:
Welcome to the Forum COO and it's great to see you posting here. Have spoken to COO several times on the phone as I have had massive problems with delays in delivery.
If I've understood correctly who you are thinking about ladies, right company, wrong person! COO has been great and has helped sort out my problems (hopefully) and I shall certainly go on ordering as I love their jewellery and I know they are doing their upmost to sort out all the problems.
Who is COO?

Welcome to the Forum COO and it's great to see you posting here. Have spoken to COO several times on the phone as I have had massive problems with delays in delivery.
If I've understood correctly who you are thinking about ladies, right company, wrong person! COO has been great and has helped sort out my problems (hopefully) and I shall certainly go on ordering as I love their jewellery and I know they are doing their upmost to sort out all the problems.

Male or female Jacqualina? :33:

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