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Jul 30, 2008
Well it doesn't look as though the market is that thrilled by the arrival of the new CEO. The share price continues it's dive towards rock bottom. On his first day it lost another 12p per share. The company is now worth under £10million, and the prospects cannot be regarded as that good. Close down by Christmas?:6:
Is there a chance that the channel could really close? That would be really sad, hundreds of more people out of work. No wonder they are scrabbling for things to sell, it's difficult to stay afloat at the moment.
I work in a department store and I know we are suffering at the moment, I have friends who have been made redundant and are so depressed.
I don't beleve it will close, I hope the new CEO will want to interact with
I hope he will too but with the (IMHO way over the top negative) tone (and I have contributed some of these) of a number of posts on here, I very much doubt he will - I know I certainly would have to think twice about doing it if I were him. However if people are prepared to give him a fighting chance and reflect that on here then perhaps he will? In that case, I would.
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I think most of the negativity comes from IMO how badly the company was run by Andrew Fryatt.
The biggest cause of negativity on here were the Indian call centres along with the very poor customer services, they both seem to have been changed lately, so hopefully that gripe should plummet accordingly.

The second biggest complaint was the delivery times, now, I can only comment on items I have bought, but I can't fault their delivery any more, and I do hold my hand up to being one of the loudest shouters about this on the original forum and they have silenced me on that one.

Another bugbear is the lack of choice - that doesn't bother me, what annoys and bores the life out of me are whole hours dedicated to 1 item, once you've seen the first run through there's nothing left to see so people turn over, at least if they had abit of variety on show you'd be more inclined to sit through something knowing there'll be something else coming up, thus, selling more items - it's not rocket science!
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Yip absolutely, couldnt agree more - he single-handedly virtually destroyed IW from a thriving home shopping experience to something nothing short of a disaster in the space of a few short years. But the new guy has to be given a chance to (at least) try to turn things around - it can happen but also it wont happen overnight. Personally, I wish him all the luck in the world but if things arent drastically better in 12 months then its time to call, well... time!
Sorry, but personally I don't think that "interacting" with Shopping Telly is going to help IW one iota!

No disrespect to the forum, but let's be honest, we are only a small fraction of the audience for Shopping Channels and although they may read the posts and get an idea of complaints etc, I don't think somehow that interacting with the forum is going to be the new CEOs' first priority!
Of course it wont be his first priority but when you are taking over the helm of such a badly damaged ship, surely it makes sense to look at all opportunities that might afford some amount of improvement.
It does make sense, of course to look at all avenues. However, may be it's just me, but I don't understand why "interaction" with Shopping Telly will be important to them? As long as this is an open forum, all they need do is read the posts to see how the members feel.

QVC don't seem to interact with Shopping Telly but it doesn't appear to have caused them any sleepless nights sales wise.

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