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Jul 30, 2008
Graham, can you tell us all whether it is safe to sedn money to Ideal at the moment? My hubb says they have lost another £4 million in valuation in a week, and the share price is now only 54p. All of us are having a tough time ATM, and I certainly can't afford to lose any if they are going down the drain. What do you think?
Hmmmm they're not likely to get any money from me but would be interested to hear what Webby knows about this.
Every share price is dropping. I don't think Ideal World is alone in this. So are they any more vulnerable than anyone else? Can't say.
Sorry I have no information from Ideal World as they refuse to talk to, hopefully things will change come November 3rd when the new CEO Michael Hancox takes over.
The only other Hancock that springs to mind is Tony Hancock. I hope Michael Hancox has a good sense of humour - when he took on the job the shares were worth about 90p, and they are falling fast. In my opinion he is committing career suicide, unless he reckons that only an idiot could do worse than Cap'n 'Jonah' Fryatt.

I would not be at all surprised if there was an announcement that 'due to unforeseen circumstance, Michael Hancox will not now be taking on stricken retailer Ideal World".

It will be interesting to see what happens.:38:
Hmmmmm doesn't bode well for the new guy does it? Shares plunge by almost half at the announcement of his appointment! Not a vote of confidence from the market is it?
All shares are falling fast - IW can't be taken in isolation unless all other similar companies in their sector have not fallen - and I doubt that given the credit crunch affecting the retail sector.

I don't work for IW but I do hate to see people quoting things in isolation and not taking them in context of the current financial climate.
Evenin' all. I think no matter who is unfortunate enough to take over, no one would get a vote of confidence at the moment. I really feel sorry for the guy taking over the sinking ship. He has got one hell of an uphill struggle to make up for the gargantuan c***-ups that AF has made.

I truly hope the new guy can turn things around but he is going to have to have balls of steel to stand up, make changes and stand by them. He needs to go back to grass roots, see how things were a few years ago in IW's heyday - learn from the mistakes of the last 'leadership' and LISTEN to their customers. I think finally, if they dont sort out their Customer Service (surely an oxymoron in IW's case!!!?) they are doomed from the get-go. From what I have read on this forum, the main gripe is always CS. I dont understand how IW have got this most important part of TV Shopping so fundamentally wrong.

Good luck to the new fella!
If the city thought that the new guy will repair the havoc Fryatt wreaked, I am sure the share price would rally. In fact it has gone down again overnight, and must be heading toward the point where the company would be worth closing down and whatever assets it has, sold off. The problem with a company in terminal decline is that if the customers lose whatever confidence they had, then the revenue dries up, and it's time to put up the shutters. I don't think I would buy anything from them at the moment - the share price is falling too quickly for comfort, and there is nobody to bail them out, unless someone takes them over, and that would seem unlikely in a market where too many retailers are fighting for a customer base that is feeling the pinch of the global downturn.:17:
All share prices have really taken a bad tumble the last few weeks. I wouldn't think that is a direct reflection of IW or any other Company at the moment, this is the recession that we are in. Unfortunately it's all over the world and not just here.

I dodn't think this is the end but just the begining of it all. The choice is all yours TVMillie.
Problem for IW in my opinion is lack of interesting items for sale, plus a lot of what they do sell is anything but cheap, especially when you add on P & P. And then there is their CS. Would you be happy to buy from a firm that has little or no respect for their customers ? I'd really like to see IW recovering, but I fear the new guy is going to have to perform a miracle.
I don't know whether you have any special reason to defend them Babs. The facts as you can see from todays news is that Ideal's shares are tumbling fast, AGAINST the trend in general and on the AIM. The figures speak for themselves, as you can see, and overnight they have lost another £3million in market capitalisation. I reckon the end must be near. I would bet Hancox pulls out......:11:

Ideal Shopping Direct(IDS)
Sector: General Retailers Index: FTSE AIM All-Share
Market Cap
Change Today
-2.50p (-5.43%)
Share Price

Update -Ideal Shopping Direct is a top faller in its sector

Detailed Ideal Shopping Direct Share Price Data

Share Price 43.50p Close 46.00p
Change Today -2.50p Volume 100,177
Percent Change -5.43% Day High / Low 43.50p / 43.50p
Update Time 07:36:57 Year High / Low 255.50p / 43.50p
Bid 43.00p Last Trade Price 27.50p
Offer 44.00p Last Trade Amount 100,000
Open 43.50p Last Trade Time 08:50:31
Detailed Ideal Shopping Direct Share Price Changes

Period Price Change Percent Change
1 week 71.00p -25.00p -35.21%
1 month 121.00p -75.00p -61.98%
3 months 158.50p -112.50p -70.98%
6 months 194.00p -148.00p -76.29%
1 year 196.50p -150.50p -76.59%
Additional Ideal Shopping Direct Share Price Data

Ex-Marker Code Ex-Dividend NMS 3,000
Ex-Marker Start 03-Dec-08 VWAP 27.53p
Ex-Marker End 30-Dec-08 Beta 0.37
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Index / Sector Value Change Percent Change
FTSE AIM All-Share 427.81 +3.78 +0.89%
General Retailers 949.39 +32.97 +3.60%
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IDS Market Data

Currency UK Pounds
Share Price 43.50p
Change Today -2.50p
52 Week High 255.50
52 Week Low 43.50
Volume 100,177
Shares Issued 29.67m
Market Cap £12.91m
Beta 0.37
RiskGrade 459

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