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Jul 1, 2008
I am now the proud owner of the Ruby and Diamond ring it was given to me when we were having Christmas dinner today, I had no idea hubby had bought anything on Sunday night until I checked out later by then it was to late to see what it was. When the parcel arrived it was taken away until he sorted through and found the ring. Its an absolute stunner.

I know its a day early but my family will be going early on Christmas morning to go to in-laws so we celebrated Xmas today, I am still very squishy from bubbly. He He!

Photos of the ring as promised and the earrings he bought me to go with the Marcasite necklace.
The ring is stunning and won't ever be coming off accept to be valued, I can't stop looking at it.


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Wow Saphire. Love them all but the ruby ring is just gorgeous. Looks stunning on your fingers. Wear it in good health.
Oooooh, everything is gorgeous. Bet those lovely pieces have really put the sparkle into Christmas for you.
Oh Saphire, it's totally gorgeous, and I'm not normally that big on rubies. Very unusual to see baguette/emerald cut rubies. Of course the marcasite is lovely, so sparkly and classy looking.

Great job on a well trained OH!

Wear and enjoy!

wow thats a stunning ring! you lucky lady! there is something so increadibly rich about ruby isnt there! ( I would say that as its my birth stone! ) lol I am very jealous! wear it with pride xx:21:
:1:Saphire what a beautiful ring and what lucky lady you are I love rubies and that looks very special on you.what a fab hubby you have to get you such a lovely surprise
Yes, I am a bit gobsmacked I didn't expect that amount, I have sent Rocks a copy of the valuation with a letter my OH wrote. He is so Happy.
Wow - that is brilliant saphire and I'm sure Rocks will appreciate you sending in the valuation. Well done you .... and your OH:1:

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